Operation Skinny Jeans: Making Lemonade

Monday, May 19, 2014

Making Lemonade

I think a true test of strength is how you deal with setbacks. Do you admit failure and quit? Or do you see it as an opportunity and run with it?

I used to be a quitter. When the going got tough, I quit going. This incredibly difficult journey has taught me that quitting isn't an option.

I was faced with a situation that could have gone either way. I could have quit. But I have chosen to make the most of this opportunity.

Today is a new day. I haven't been shy about the struggle I have had this month. I ate too many milkshakes and hadn't worked out at all.  The weird thing about working out is once you stop, it is SO HARD to start again. Your head is filled with self doubt and fear, and once you just DO the damn thing, it is never as hard as what you built up in your head.

Today was day 1. I finally started T25 and I am excited! It was fun and kicked my ass, but didn't leave me exhausted! I feel energized and ready to tackle the day.

So take a hard look at your life today. Are you letting a setback become a failure? Or is it an opportunity for something EVEN better?

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  1. Love that quote! Comeback here comes Jess!

  2. The weird thing about working out is once you stop, it is SO HARD to start again.
    ^^^^ my friend said the SAME EXACT thing to me this morning & it's so very true!

  3. I think everyone goes through a setback. I've gone through some since I've started my weight loss journey. Back what gets me back up and going again is seeing my weight go down. Already down 4lbs and it's such a motivation kick for me!

  4. Oh em gee thank you for this post. I am going back to zumba tonight for the first time in a month and am TERRIFIED but you know, you're exactly right. It's never as bad as you work it up to be in your head!!!

  5. You are so inspiring! I feel this same way about my recovery time between half training and full training... I start full training on Monday and I'm pretty stressed about it. But if you can start t25, I can get back to running!


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