Operation Skinny Jeans: Apera Yoga Tote- A love story

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apera Yoga Tote- A love story

I just want to start this off by saying this is a review of the Apera Yoga Tote. I did get it for free, but I was going to buy it either way. So while I was compensated, my thoughts, opinions, mushy feelings and lust toward an inanimate object are 100% my own. And real. And a little embarrassing.

Now that that is out of the way.

After Ash reviewed an Apera bag on her blog a few weeks back, I fell in long distance love. I am an organizational freak, and my gym bag was leaving a LOT to be desired. It was huge, but it only had one big ass pocket, and lets be honest, digging around for your undies that seem to be lost in the abyss of your gym bag while NAKED in front of strangers who are way fitter than you are is NOT my idea of a great time.

I alleviate this by working out at home most of the time, but there are times where I venture out.

So anyhoo, after Ash's review I was looking at their bags and I fell in love with the yoga tote. Most of the time when I leave the house to workout it is to go to yoga. And for some reason, the yoga strap I bought to carry my yoga mat is too big. So I have to carry it by hand and it gets unrolled and blah blah drama.

When I saw the yoga tote, I said "Wha??? A bag that will actually HOLD my yoga mat?? Take my money!" and I was about to buy it. Then I remembered that Ash asked if she could do the review so I thought I would to. And when they said yes, I was ECSTATIC because I wouldn't have to have weird gym bag fantasies anymore- I could be weird with it in person.

The day it arrived on my door step (well apartment office, but whatever) was like Christmas! I couldn't wait to cuddle with it fill it up and take it to yoga! It just so happened the 9 News Yoga Open fair was that weekend so I had the perfect opportunity to test it out!

I loved how the bag didn't feel bulky. Even packed (I put stuff in it even tho I didn't need to change, I wanted to feel it full) it felt slim and light. And I LOVED the way it carried my mat!

Excuse the look of pain on my face. This was 2 days post wisdom teeth removal and I thought it would be a good idea to go to yoga. I was exhausted. And in pain. #thatbagtho

But the awesomeness doesn't stop at it's ability to carry your yoga mat! Nope! It has all the pockets. And I had too much fun photographing them this morning so you can deal :D I even whipped out my DSLR and we had ourselves a regular photoshoot ;)

Two pockets on the front (and two one the back). A big one and a little one. 

I love how the zipper goes all the way down, for easy access (twss?) And you can see where the yoga mat goes in this pic.

Hugamongous cup holder that fits an entire 24 oz Shakeology shaker cup (with room to spare)

A little pocket for keys or my phone (or my Shakeology) 

 On the inside, there is a divider for your shoes to be separate!


And there is a bag for wet clothes!

And 2 pockets on this side (the bottom one is padded for jewelry! 

And another one on this side too. 

Its breathable mesh, fancy fabric that doesn't get nasty and bacteria-y, etc. It is awesome. 

If this were a review for my other gym bag, it would not be this glowing. I am in actual romantic unhealthy love with this gym bag. It is cute, stylish, big enough to hold a lot of shit, and it's pink. And has 7,000 pockets for those of us that need that sorta thing :D 

My face says "ow, my wisdom teeth" but my heart says "this bag is amazing!"

So now is your turn! Apera (who are based out of Colorado, which makes me smile!) is nice enough to give away a bag for YOU!

They have two ways to win! 1. Enter my giveaway for the Apera Sprint pack + 25% off coupon!

And 2. Enter to win one of their bags here! 

Do both! Cause why not :D I will pick my winner on Friday, 5/23!

Also if you want to be an awesome person, here are the links to Apera's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Website :D Show them some love :D

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  1. I am loving that bag! I love all of the compartments. :)

  2. I think I just fell a little bit in love with this bag. Oh my goodness.

  3. Omg take my money right now! lol I NEED that bag. I know it may be hard for some to understand but I would have a serious infatuation with this bag also. I too have the big ass bag now that is great for it's size. it holds everything. But everything goes everywhere and I have to position my shoes just right so the bottoms don't touch my clothes. That bothers me lol. And this one has a wet bag. That would be perfect for swimming some laps at the gym too. It's more than just a yoga bag!

  4. Oh I am a compartment lover as well. You had me at the shoe divider <3 <3 I love how spacious it is and the shape! There are really narrow lockers at my gym and I am constantly fighting with it. Love this!

  5. Cute bag! They are pricey though huh? :(

  6. You just reinforced to me how much I need this bag. Again. I think this is making its way into my birthday list...


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