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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Management

Ok so this isn't specifically "skinny jean" related, but good news is, I am not a fitness robot so I am gonna write about it :D

I suck at personal time management. It has always been a downfall of mine. Now work time management- I am a time managing FOOL! I make lists, I get shit done, but in my personal life I can not seem to figure it out! And now that I work when I get home too, it's a hot mess. I am a hot mess.

For example- I blog the day of. Yep. I wrote this about 5 minutes ago. I don't even have post ideas before I start writing. I should work on that...

But even outside of that I struggle with managing my time on the internet. I will start doing something, then stop because of something shiny. Or a facebook message. And I am gone. I am glad I open windows of things I want to look at because if I didn't, I would totally forget about it. I am like Dory! lol

I also struggle with scheduling my workouts. I so so deeply want to wake up early and just do them. But sleep wins every time. So I try to do them when I get home, but so many things can happen that derail that. I know that if it is a priority I will make time. And I do. But I wish I could figure out how to make time before it's 9:30 pm and I am just doing it so I can go to bed. I have the same problem with meal planning. I make it work, but it is by no means a perfect system.

I need a professional organizer to overhaul my life. I need to take time management courses or read a book or something! It is driving me a little bit crazy.

So I am asking you for tips. Websites, blogs, books, guides, classes, exorcism professionals, ANYONE that can help me :D
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  1. girl when you find the answers please share.. I feel like my life is always a hot mess!!! I struggle & to make matters worse I work from home 3 days a week & I always get distracted with facebook/blog/workouts/pinterest/online shopping/cleaning/finding things.. ugh all of it! I even ordered a notebook to try to write down my day to day things I must accomplish but I always sleep in instead of getting up at 530am like I do when I work outside of the house..if you find anything that helps please let me know!

  2. "I'm holding out for a hero...." Oh wait, you probably don't know that song - you are too young. Anyhow, STORY.OF.MY.LIFE. I think if I was child of today, I would absolutely be diagnosed as ADHD. I can only do whatever for so long until I need a distraction, unless, of course it is sleeping or possibly reading, definitely could eat for hours. lol. I used to get up early to workout but the only way that worked for me was if others were waiting on me. If it is just me and my DVD player, sleep wins every time. I need to learn that disappointing myself is just as bad as disappointing friends.

    As for meal planning/prepping - I really only succeed at this if I do it on Sundays. Every other day is too jam packed between work, commute, cooking dinner, working out, and my daughter's activities. If I don't plan and prep on Sunday, well, the rest of the week is a crap shoot. For example, left my house in the am at 6:30 and got home at 9:30 pm.

  3. I highly recommend the Pomodoro Method! It basically requires that you set your schedule up in 25-minute chunks (to focus on one task, or as many tasks as you want), and THEN you get a 5-minute break. I think it's easiest to focus on just ONE task in that 25-minute chunk, because more than one task means distractions, means clicking between windows, and then finding yourself watching American Idol auditions from season one and oh-my-god are those whiskered jeans and then suddenly you're 14 articles deep in nostalgic buzzfeed lists. Or something.

    If you google Pomodoro Method you can find free timers online. I click out of ALL windows except the one I'm working on and get nose-to-the-grindstone until 25 minutes is up. You'll be SHOCKED at how much you can accomplish in small bursts!

  4. Self Help Hipster- an awesome blog about all sorts of stuff, but she goes through months with a certain focus. In sure she has tons of stuff archived about time management!

  5. If you figure out a good way to schedule in workouts let me know! I'm the worst about it. I have it planned but things come up after work and it usually ends up getting pushed until, like you, I'm doing it late at night just so I can sleep.

  6. For YEARS I struggled to get up early and workout. I'm a stay at home mom, which is awesome, but if I don't manage my time my kids will, and then I have zero time for myself. I've also never ever been a morning person. So here's what works for me: I sleep in comfortable workout clothes, I set my alarm 30-40 min before my workout, when it goes off I take 2 caffeine pills (equal to 2 cups coffee) that I set on my nightstand, hit the snooze button for 10 min, wake up again and eat a banana in bed and then go workout. I've been doing this for 2 years now and it works great for me!

  7. Not sure this is really an organizational tip but one thing I'm trying so I can get more accomplished in the mornings (workouts, laundry, etc) to free up time in the evenings is I've moved my alarm back by 5 minutes. Once a week I am going to do this until I am an early riser. We shall see how it goes. Oh and I'm not moving in back on a Monday lol. More like Tuesday/Wednesdays. Other than that I am a list maker. On paper, by hand, lists. I live by them at work, for workouts, at home, for meals, for errands, etc.

  8. I'm with Kadie, prioritize that crap!
    What about setting up one of those apps that block sites for an alloted time frame? I saw it on Buzzfeed maybe? Something about studying more effeciently. might keep you off the web and outdoors?
    Also, how about setting an alarm on your phone? Not as a wake up alarm since you have to want to workout in the morning to actually wake up early for it, believe me. But, an evening alarm. Like a wake up call "hey Jess get your butt moving!".
    Hope you figure it out!


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