Operation Skinny Jeans: "No Plan" Meal plan- Your voices were HEARD!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"No Plan" Meal plan- Your voices were HEARD!

Thank you to EVERYONE who filled out our survey last week! We are so so thankful for your feedback and you will notice some change! I am excited to announce that Destiny Barker is the winner of the $10 Target Card! We will email you today and get that out to you :D

So last night Ginny and I hung out (on google hangouts) for the first time and it was AWESOME! I knew we would click, but she is hilarious and we work really well together! We talked about the surveys and how we can improve and we did it! We revamped the meal plan and I can't WAIT to share it with you all!

A few changes. 
1. It is now 2 pages. The 2nd page (which you can see by clicking the above or the link below) has the prep, grocery list and key.
2. We made the font a little bigger and therefore (we think) easier to read. 
3. We marked things that are Low Carb (LC), Low Calories (CAL), Meatless (V), and Paleo (P). 
4. We made it a PDF
5. And we added a bonus meal at the bottom. This will be an easy lunch or a dessert or something like that :D
So we are super excited about the new format and hope that you are too! Oh and we had a question about why we put it out on Thursdays. We figured Thursdays were good because people go grocery shopping between Friday and Sunday for the following week. We want you to have your menu ready to go shopping in time for you to do that. So our intention is for this menu to be used Monday-Sunday of next week :D Obviously do whatever you want, but thats why we put it out on Thursdays. 


Here's the way it works. 

1. No more than 20 ingredients ever. I like simple things, and if a recipe has more than 7 ingredients, I am not gonna make it. I think you are all like me, and like simple, budget friendly dinners, so here they are. 

2. 5 dinner recipes, ready to go. Does your family have Pizza Fridays? Or do you always go out to eat on Wednesdays? Cool! 5 dinners allows for flexability, and since they aren't assigned to days, you can always eat what you WANT, not what you wrote down 2 weeks ago :D

3. 4 cook time options. Have to go to basketball practice at 6? No problem! There are dinner options for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and all day with the crock pot.

4. 3 healthy food groups.  Nutrition is important, and so is eating a balanced meal. All of our dinner recipes will include a Protein, a Vegetable and a Grain. Simple nutrition for you and your family.

5. 2 servings. I am a family of 2, so I don't need more than 2 servings. You have a family of 4? Cool bro- double it. Serving 8? Do the math :D Having the recipes serve 2 allows for easy modification for whatever you need :D

6. Just one easy prep time. The days of slaving away in the kitchen for hours a night are OVER! Once a week you will spend about an hour, maybe less prepping for the week. The prep guide is ON the menu plan, so it literally is EASY PEASY.

Just a few more notes:
  • Don't like chicken? Me either. There are substitutions listed for most recipes. :D
  • Don't like ____? Me either (kidding, I like ___) The optional ingredients are listed. Adjust accordingly :D
  • Each meal plan will be posted on Thursday, give you Friday and the weekend for shopping and prep. 
  • Each week you only have to print out ONE THING! It's all there on the one sheet of paper. You are welcome :D

Think your recipe for ____ is awesome and want it to be featured? Submit it here

Want to get the meal plan by email every Thursday? 
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  1. Ah love your post :). I stole some of your ideas - nice job on the screen shot! Can't wait for people to start getting your email!

  2. Whoops I left the "Cook Time" off of the Pita Pockets. Hopefully people can tell that it takes like 2 minutes :).

  3. Woohoo! I have been loving these meal plans and now $10 at Target? You're too good to me. :)

  4. I love all the changes y'all made!


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