Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Monday- Marathon musings

Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday- Marathon musings

Happy Boston Marathon day! I am sending my thoughts and good running juju to all the runners! Maybe one day I will be crossing that finish line with all of you!

Week 1 of training is in the books and it went well! My Tuesday run I did outside and I was able to run 10 minutes straight, which felt awesome. Then I interval-ed the last 10 minutes, but still felt good! My Thursday run was on the dreadmill because of weather (stupid rain) and my Saturday run was outside and it was beautiful! No land speed records, and I forgot to track it on my Map my Fitness app, but luckily I installed a new fancy app called Breeze!

Breeze is cool because it tracks your steps like a Fit Bit except its free. And obviously the people at Breeze have no clue who I am, I just downloaded it (its free) and I love it.

Anyhoo its pretty cool. :D

On that run, I got talking to my marathon buddy and we had a come to Jesus. We picked a really bad first half marathon. TONS of people have told me that. We were kinda ignorant to the options at the time so we kinda jumped on it. But now that we are getting closer to the date, it is freaking us out. 

Reasons we are worried:

1. It is in the mountains. Colorado running is already hard because we are at 5,000 elevation, which means there is less oxygen. This race is in the mountains, meaning we are starting the half at over 11,000 feet and gaining 500 ft of elevation in 3 miles. It's like a hilly run from hell, literally running up a mountain. And by running I mean crawling because lets be honest. 

2. There is a 3.5 hour time limit. This probably sounds like no big deal to experienced runners, but that is a 16 minute mile. Again seems like no big deal, but I currently run about a 17 minute mile (slow as shit, I know) and add 3 of those miles STRAIGHT up a mountain. No let up. No down hill to rest. JUST MORE MOUNTAIN. We are kinda freaking. 

3. Its not a big one. When I first threw out the idea that I wanted to run a half, a good friend suggested running a big one because the crowds will get you through. This is a pretty small race and along those mountain roads there will be parts where we are alone. I remember being the last person to finish my first 5K and it was TERRIBLE! I wanted to die. I wanted to CRAWL because we were all alone. I had lost the excitement by that point. Running a bigger race, there are more people and more of a crowd.

4. It's in August. Now Colorado isn't Texas or Arizona or anything, but it is hot as hell, almost always in the high 90's/ over the 100's. Ew. 

So yeah. We have until June 1st to get our full money back (oh yeah, another one- it doesn't support a charity... ) so we are definitely considering it. The Rock and Roll half is in October, which will be better weather, a better (flatter) race, and has a 4 hour time limit, which we feel is do-able. 

No Pokey update today- she is moving! But she will be back next week :D 

How is your training going? 

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  1. I think you definitely want your experience to be a good one, so why not switch to the other one. I think that's a good idea. Just cancel this one and then immediately sign up for the other- so there's no chance of backing out. :)

  2. But it is in the mountains which are cooler:) Trying to give you some positive vibes girl.

    1. Nicki read my mind. There is no way it will be in the 90s above Estes Park. Your other concerns are valid. Make this doable and fun.

    2. Nicki read my mind; it'll be a cold day in hell when it is a 90 degree day above Estes Park. ;-) Make this doable and fun.

  3. Oh man, just reading that made me cringe. If you're having doubts get your refund while you can! And then register for one that is flat and fast. Make sure the course is described that way. and also, if you can register for a half that goes along with a full. there will always be people on the course and crowd support at the finish if there's a full going on!

  4. I think, given all of those reasons, you should switch out races. If you have a bad experience, you may never want to try again, right? But, whatever you decide, I will cheer you on......from the internet 'cuz hey, I don't live in Colorado but I will still cheer you on!

  5. I'm gonna be rel honest and brutal with you on this one. I think your taking the easy road out. You just listed 5 excuses why you shouldn't run. Try listing 10 reasons why you should and then do it anyways. Then after you make your list get your butt out the door and run on the two working legs god gave you. Don't give up damn it!

  6. Look up Lake Placid - We chose a hilly one too that is set in the mountains lol - oops! I have 3-4 other ppl doing it with me so hopefully that will get me through. Looking at the Biggest Loser Races that may be one to try as a newbie. They seem really encouraging and the time limit is super long.
    You can do this!!

  7. You will get that 17 minute pace down in no time. Once you are running more and walking less your pace drops drastically. Stick to it! Don't let yourself worry about not hitting the time limit. YOU WILL MAKE IT.

  8. Once you start running more and walking less your pace will drop drastically. You can do this!

  9. Jess!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. http://kflabuloustofabulous.blogspot.com/2014/04/and-nominees-are.html

  10. I think you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to...Just look at all the things you've done with your journey so far !!!
    Just wondering if you follow Monica's blog over at runeatrepeat.com ...todays post is titled: 5 Mistakes that 1st time Marathoners make ...
    She has some great suggestions and I find something new whenever I read her blogs ....Keep up the good fight & follow your heart and you won't go wrong.....

  11. I don't think you should let weather hold you back... GTIS is also in august, and because of the elevation, the hottest it gets on course is the mid 70's. However, I would say the elevation is the biggest concern. I wasn't ready for it when I did my first half and it was pretty awful. Also, remember that your race pace could easily be 30-45 seconds/mile faster than your training pace due to excitement and all that. So while the time limit sounds intimidating, it may be closer to reach than you think.

    And last, you know for sure that I hope you do rnr with me! It's going to be awesome :-)

  12. I totally believe in you! Even if YOU think you are "slow as shit", YOU are still faster then everyone on the couch!! I know you can do it! (I think I ran out of exclamation points) haha


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