Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Monday! Fighting the cycle

Monday, April 7, 2014

Marathon Monday! Fighting the cycle

Happy Monday everyone!!

SO as you know I am a binge eater. Some people purge after a binge, something I have never done, but I do have my own other side of the coin. I starve. I will starve myself as a form of "trying to make up for the bad choices" or something. It's stupid and I know that and I am working on it.

So I have discovered that I apply similar principals to different facets of my life. I binge watch tv, I get really gung ho about something just to stop suddenly, etc. Running is no different. I am a running fool, then I am not. You could say I binge ran for the first few weeks of this experiment and I have found myself in a starve phase. It's been 8 days since my last run.

Yes I know my race is steadily approaching. I know I need to get out there. I just need to get my shoes on and GO!

SO that's where I'm at.

Lets see what's going on in Pokey's world!

This week was hard.  I had my first week of running in the hotel.  That, actually went well.  I only got 2 runs in while I was there (while 3 would have been ideal really), but I found the treadmill really pleasant to run on and I’m really noticing that my feet are more comfortable and I’m not noticing my shoes so much.  My inner thighs on the hand, deadly.

This week I also fell behind in my running schedule.  I found out on Tuesday that I need to leave my house in 4 weeks and it took me by surprise, and being in London when trying to find a house on another island is tough going, especially as my laptop access was limited to a few breaks and the evenings.

So as a result, I have wound up basically one day behind, because I didn’t complete week 4 by Saturday (my weeks have been starting on Sundays).  But it’s just a small set back and failing isn’t a bad thing.  It’s not learning and carrying on from it that is.  I’m bound and determined to do this.
Onto a solid week 5!

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  1. During your eight days without running did you get some cardio workouts? I think you could skip running entirely and manage a half pretty well IF you get a couple of intense 40-90 minute cardio workouts each week. You will be running at a higher elevation, too, so you cannot go into this without some training.

    My week was good. 3.5 dog walk or run daily, weights a couple times, yoga, cardio when I don't run.

    Most importantly, I talked my husband into trying some yoga and back exercises to help with issues that $3000+ in chiropractic have barely touched. Men! ;-)


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