Operation Skinny Jeans: Just another Marathon Monday....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Just another Marathon Monday....

Wish it was Sunday.... That's my run day....

Wow took that a bit far.

Anyhoo! Happy Monday!

So as you know, last week I was chatting with you all about how my marathon buddy and I were sweating about the Rocky Mountain half. And I want to thank all of you for your words of encouragement. I know, deep down, that I can do anything I set my mind to. But I also know that if something sucks balls the first time, I am not going to want to do it again. That is the reason I quit on myself the first 1000 times I started trying to lose weight. I don't believe there is any quit left in me, but I know if I ran that race and hurt myself or it sucked or I didn't get to finish because of the time limit- I would probably never run another half again. At least not one for a very very long time.

So almost a year ago, I first expressed interest in running a half marathon. In this post here. And in that post, I specified which race I wanted to run. When it came down to race decisions, my partner, god love her, jumped on registering for the Rocky Mountain half, before we realized that the race I have been wanting to run for a while is the next weekend. I was not sure I was even going to come out of one alive, let alone 2 back to back, so my goal of running the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half went to live with baby Jesus. And I was okay with that.

When we started talking about an alternative half, that one came up. Sure, it is still a mountain half, but it is a lower elevation (almost 2000 feet lower) and it is down hill. And it is really cool to say you ran from one city to another city, in my opinion.  It also doesn't have a time limit at all- it is even open to walkers. It felt really "full circle" for me, and has all the things we are looking for, so we are officially switching races.

Now if you even think of calling me a quitter, save your breath. Quitting would be not signing up for another race 6 days later. Quitting would be not mentioning it and just never following through. QUITTING is something I don't do. I am not a quitter. I am realistic.

So I am excited! I feel a new energy and excitement to run this race and I know that even if it is terrible I can just lay down and roll down it because it is down hill ;)

Obviously no big change in training, just another week to do it I guess. I am still going to train for the altitude because even tho we wont be going up hill at all, we will still be in the mountains. 

Link up your marathon training this week! Or running post. Or anything really- I just wanna read :D

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    Respecting your limitations is not quitting, it's being smart. So go you!
    I love the idea of running from one city to another.
    I always like to check out a races results from the previous year, get an idea of how many people around my pace were out there. This race had someone finish in over four hours so you've for sure got this!

  2. Running a half marathon downhill sounds like an amazing idea! I need to look into that for my next one. =) Good luck with your training!

  3. I get to run your first half with you!!! Ah! So fun :-)

  4. GOOD FOR YOU!! I definitely wouldn't call you a quitter that's for sure!


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