Operation Skinny Jeans: How I stay on track in the face of bad food

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I stay on track in the face of bad food

At LEAST twice a week I am faced with the decision of what to order at a restaurant. I host (and play) bar trivia and when I host, I eat for free and when I play, we usually eat for free too because we win (not bragging lol just a fact ;) )

So after MONTHS of giving in to the pizza and greasy food, and not getting anywhere weight loss wise, I realized I needed a better plan. I know we all live in the real world and we HAVE to go out to eat sometimes. It happens! Just because we are getting healthy doesn't mean that we have to eat chicken and brown rice at home every night. We can still live and make good choices and not have to sacrifice our social life.

So here is how I do it.

1. I eat before. Whether its a high protein snack (hello hard boiled eggs and an ounce of cheese) or a more complete dinner, I always try to eat SOMETHING before we go. Lately my go to has been a big shaker cup of Shakeology. Because 1. I love it and 2. It keeps me full AND satisfied. I don't want to get ice cream or onion rings because I feel GOOD.

2. I workout before. This helps a TON. My go-to workout time is when I get home from work. I have about an hour before my husband gets home (when I usually cook dinner) but if we are eating out, I don't have to. So I will pop in a DVD or go for a run (my plan tonight, it is GORGEOUS outside) so I feel good and healthy before dinner. When I do that I don't crave bad food. If I am starving tho, I will drink some Shakeology lol. (it's my go-to)

3. I look at the menu before. Spoiler alert- all of these require a little planning. I encourage planning in general (we try not to go out on a whim) so keep that in mind. Worst case you can look it up on your phone while someone drives you there (my husband drives). That way I can pick something that is 1. High in protein. 2. Lower in fat and 3. LOWEST in sodium! I have learned that above all, high sodium will kill you.

4. I special order. YEP! I am that pain in the ass. Grilled please, sauce on the side, steamed veggies and a water with lemon. It is OKAY to be picky! It is your food! Don't feel like you are inconveniencing anyone by ordering special. You are the one who is going to eat it, and you are paying for it, so make sure you are HAPPY.

5. I drink an ass ton of water. I order water, and I drink at LEAST a glass before we order, another one or two before our food gets there and at LEAST two glasses while I eat. I drink between bites. I take breaks and drink some more. I sometimes ask for a pitcher (no joke). Water fills you up. It also makes the food IN your stomach expand. It also cleanses your pallet. It ALSO is freaking good for you. If I am feeling spunky, I add some lemons. But I drink drink drink until I can't POSSIBLY drink anymore and I eat less than if I didn't drink at all. *please note- this kind of water consumption will result in having to pee at LEAST twice during a meal. While you are in there, do 10 squats before you sit down and 10 as you stand up. BOOM 40 squats done.

Eating out is hard. But try not to freak out. Do your best, enjoy yourself (because if you don't you will binge later, lets be honest) and make up for it the next day. One bad meal wont ruin your life, and water can help a ton after those "oops!" splurges.

Most most importantly, I forgive myself. If you end up going out to the Melting Pot with a bunch of friends and eat bread with cheese fondue, and cheesecake dipped in chocolate and drink an ENTIRE bottle of wine- IT IS OKAY. Hating yourself for it wont do ANY good. Forgive yourself and move on! Every bite is a new opportunity to make a better choice.

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  1. I LOVE the idea of doing 10 squats in the bathroom. I might just have to add that into my bathroom routine at work too!

  2. I love this!!! You are doing great and planning ahead makes all the difference!

  3. This is great advice! My go-to when eating out is chicken fajitas b/c I can skip the tortillas, the rice, the cheese, etc. Bypassing the chips is hard but I can do it! I can make it work for me.

  4. Such great tips! I totally follow some of these as well when I'm on my game...it's staying on track that I find the hardest. But I love the idea about the squats! HA! I'm a big drinker of water when I go out to eat as well, heck, even if I eat at home. I like to have a cleansed palate when I eat. I used to go through the soda refills like crazy but now it's water. Your comment about asking for a pitcher made me chuckle, I don't consume as much but my dad is an avid tea drinker and just asks for that when he orders. He will finish all on his own for sure.

  5. I LOVE the "forgive yourself" note. I once heard that if you have an unhealthy meal and then say "well, I've already screwed up my diet, why should I try any further?" it's like if you drop your phone on the ground and say "well, I dropped it. Might as well smash it into pieces with my foot!"

  6. The bathroom squats is a brilliant idea!
    I ALWAYS check out the menu ahead of time. Not only to have an idea what's good for me, but knowing what I'm going to order saves on time.
    Great tips!
    And I LOVE pub trivia! There just isn't any close enough for me! Boo!

  7. Eating out is one of the hardest parts to losing weight. These are great tips!

  8. I always check out the menu ahead of time if I can and make sure to drink at least one glass of water before my food comes. I also have a rule that I leave something on my plate. It is really hard, especially when you're eating very low glycemic, but I figure the servers and cooks will get over me being picky.

  9. I love your last line, "I forgive myself." Here are a couple tips that changed my life

  10. I always have such trouble with this!! Working out before is a really good idea though, and obviously not going there starving. Definitely trying next time I'm out!!!

  11. Clicking Print! This is great!

  12. Great tips!
    I love water with lemon and have been really good about ordering that with my meals when we ware out. I also look for places with salad bars, you just have to watch what you are piling on the plate. I like the places that will give you calorie counts online and on the menu. I am more apt to pick something better for me when I see the calories involved while browsing.


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