Operation Skinny Jeans: Dirty Thirty

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dirty Thirty

Well actually its kinda the opposite of that.

Whole 30.

So a few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I was Paleo-curious. That statement was met with mixed reviews so I thought I would explain my thoughts.

I am a binge eater. I have certain trigger foods. This also mean that restriction is kind of the opposite of a good idea for me.

But because I am trying to lose weight, restriction is kinda the name of the game. I have learned moderation, but there are some things that no matter how moderate I go I just don't "allow" myself to have. Cupcakes for example is one of these things.

But the thing is, I LOVE cupcakes. I want to be able to eat them! I want to be able to eat them and not FEEL guilty.

Also a note- I am lactose intolerant. So I severely limit my dairy consumption. It has been tough, but I have spent too many nights with tear inducing stomach cramps at 2 in the morning to justify eating ice cream. And since I started eating healthy, I stopped eating refined carbs pretty much all together. I get hamburgers bun-less. I don't eat sandwiches. I haven't had pasta in MONTHS. These are just healthy changes I have made in my life, and I FEEL better because of it.

So back to Paleo. Basically I already eat mostly Paleo. I don't eat processed junk, I eat meat, fruits, veggies and starches like sweet potatoes. Putting a label on it doesn't mean anything to me. But there is something intriguing about Paleo. All the recipes there are!

I can have cupcakes. Paleo cupcakes. I can HAVE waffles! Paleo waffles. I can eat healthier versions of the foods that I love, which lets me live.

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day I will be able to live my life without counting anything, calories, containers, carbs, whatever. I will be active because it feels good and I will eat what feels good and I wont be messed up in the head about food. I will be recovered. I won’t use food as a coping mechanism. I won’t lose control at a buffet. I will be a happy, mentally and physically healthy Jess.
I see this as a step in that direction. 

And the first step is the Whole 30.

I have gotten off track in the last couple months. Parties and pizza and life have tempted me and I FEEL it. My stomach hurts and I am lethargic and I need to change. So I started researching and I found “It Starts with Food”. A book all about how what we eat impacts our body and how it functions. I am completely fascinated by this. Along with this book, there is a program called the Whole 30. It is 100% free and eliminates unhealthy things (like sugars and refined carbs) from your diet. It brings your body chemistry back to where it should be.

My dear friend and coach Maggie and I are going to do the Whole 30 together starting May 5th and we are looking for a few people to join us. We are only taking 10 people, and there will be a few requirements. We want to succeed as a whole, and so we are looking for people to support us. You will need to obtain the book “It Starts with Food”. I am looking at my local library first. You will also need to commit 100% to the plan. If you have a birthday or pot luck or Memorial Day party coming up, this might not be the best timing for you. Don’t set yourself up for failure. 

So if that sounds like you, lets connect. You can friend request me on Facebook or email me or leave a comment with your email.

And no worries, you know I will talk about this paleo-venture in obscene detail because thats how I do ;)

Are you paleo? Have you tried paleo? Do you know what paleo is? Do you also think of dinosaurs when you read the word paleo? Want to tell me its a terrible idea? Lay it on me :D

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  1. Good luck! I know many people who really love the Paleo lifestyle.

  2. While I have fallen off the paleo wagon of late, I love it and need to get back on. I'm glad you've "come over to the paleo side!"

  3. good for you -i'm not disciplined enough to give up sugar sadly…. http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11875549

  4. I typically comment on Facebook but I am changing it up. Paleo can be tough, but its a matter of looking at it as just food/fuel. If you focus on the scary paleo aspect you may make it difficult. There are tons of bloggers that are paleo and blog their recipes. Plus tons of free recipe books on Kindle for free. The only thing you have to be careful of is the paleo waffles and cupcakes/treats. Those are so full of almond flour that you may as well make regular ones. I fell hard for the paleo-esque normal food and it didn't help me lose weight.. My husband and I eat mainly paleo with occasional rice so I'll say more of a "clean eating" lifestyle. I can't have gluten or dairy so going paleo makes it worlds easier plus if I eat things that aren't "paleo" like you I am lethargic, my runs suck, my stomach bloats, and I tend to be sleepier. I think taking it to the next step of paleo will be great for you and take it a day at a time. :)

  5. I started Whole 30 on Monday! I have been super happy so far. It is only day 3 but it makes saying no to things super easy. My Whole 30 will last through May 20th, which actually includes my birthday, a 5 day work trip to Miami, and a visit from my parents. It will never be convenient to be on a crazy restrictive plan with no flexibility so I decided to just go for it. So far I feel great! I am chatting about my progress on my blog, check it out! www.abetteryeartoabetterlife.com

  6. Just wanted to warn you to be careful. As someone who also has problems with binge eating, I found paleo to be so restrictive that food obsession became an issue. Some of it passes, but since paleo-ized foods (like nut flours and such) are discouraged during the first month, it can be tough to not feel very deprived. This is not to say you won't do great.

  7. I have the book and read it last summer. I tried Whole 30 and honestly felt too restricted because of the lack of grains permitted. If you already don't eat a lot of those, then it should be a smooth transition for you. I went from eating (probably too many) grains to Whole 30 and I got flu like symptoms during the first few days. It was not fun, but it passed. Protein was my saving grace and made me feel a lot better. It is absolutely a great way to get yourself on track nutrition-wise! I have some blog entries on the first few days, etc...I think they are dated back to late July.

  8. You have to do what works for you--plain as that. And I think it helps to change it up and try different things. Looking forward to seeing how you do!!

  9. I'm a silent reader, but since you're writing about the whole30, I'll leave a comment :)
    I've done TWO rounds of it and I can say without a doubt it not only makes your insides feel 110% better, but it will change the way you think about, cook and look at food. There is sugar in EVERYTHING. That doesn't mean you can't have sugar, the point is that you look at the ingredients on the things you buy. The less there are, the better. It's about eating whole, real foods as best you can within your budget. I didn't do it to lose weight (I had been on a journey to lose 50lbs previously and was there) I did it to reset my mind and the cravings I kept having.
    The first round I lost 5lbs in that 30 days, the second time I lost 3lbs. Remember, this is NOT about losing weight, that's just a benefit if it happens. I lost inches, not lots of pounds.
    Most importantly, I felt so incredibly good that I just want to hold onto that feeling all.the.time. I've been eating a paleo/primal lifestyle for almost two years and it's done nothing but good things for me. The Whole30 will change your mindset, if you FULLY commit to it 100%. No cheats, just 30 days of doing something good for your insides and mind. It's not realistic to eat this way all the time, that's why it's 30 days...remember that! Good luck!


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