Operation Skinny Jeans: And I'm Back!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And I'm Back!

Firstly- THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my survey yesterday! It means a ton to me!

Secondly- if you didn't fill it out, can you go here and do it? Please? Pretty pretty please?



I am back! In a few ways!

1. The Live Well Colorado Get Movin Challenge! I am so honored that I was asked to be a part of this again this year! Basically how it works is if you live in Colorado, go here to sign up. By doing so you are taking the challenge to move your body in any way for 30 minutes every day in May! You log your activity in Map My Fitness (where we can be friends!) and you can win awesome prizes!

It's free, it's an awesome cause, you can win free stuff, etc. Just do it :D And if you AREN'T in Colorado, do it anyway! Log all your days in Map My Fitness and at the end of the 30 days I will do a giveaway :D 

To be entered to win you must 1. Be my friend on Map My Fitness. My name is Jess O'Connell. 2. Log at least 30 minutes of activity every single day from May 1st (tomorrow) to May 30th. 3. On June 2nd, link up to your name (and MMF name if that's different) only if you did all 30 days, and I will check, and pick a random winner! What will you win? No clue. I just came up with this idea 3 seconds ago as I was typing. I am spontaneous like that. BUT it will be awesome and fitnessy related and you wont want to miss it! Plus it's easy to win, just move your ass! 

2. I am back on with Weigh in Wednesday. Yes, I have an on again off again relationship with the scale. And after I saw a number I didn't like, I vowed to not weigh myself again. Until last week, where I saw a terrible number I was not okay with. 

GAH! I was INCHES from the 220's and now here I am. Real talk- I am eating like crap. Well I was. After I saw this I had a come to cheesus talk with myself and made some changes. 

This morning:

Much better. I mean not better by any means, I am still like 13 lbs more than I was in February, but I accept responsibility for my actions and I am ready to go and kick my ass into gear for summer! I have a plan and a deadline and I am ready to GOOOOOO!

So the plan. Do T25. Started Monday- feeling great. Holy shit Shaun T I kinda love/hate you. Eat Whole 30. Starting Monday (post wisdom teeth removal and Melting Pot reservation) I am going full blown Whole 30. I am beyond excited to get my shit together. Move 30 min every day- duh. T25 is 25 minutes, and I am still training for a half marathon so I have got that down. Get into those gosh darn size FOURTEENS I bought in NOVEMBER by Summit, in June. 

It is a brand new month. Well tomorrow. And I can not let another 6 go by with no progress. Neither can you. Lets DO THIS. 

Linkin up with my girls Ash, Heather and Erin :D

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  1. I just sent you a friend request. That sounds like a fun challenge. I can do it!
    Good luck with your own challenge!

  2. You got this girl!! That challenge looks fun--you'll do great!!!

  3. Great job getting yourself back on track! Some of my co-workers are doing the live well challenge, but since this month is my recovery month between the half and full training, I'm taking a pass :'(. I'll have to plan for it next year!

  4. Can Canadians enter too? :-)

    Sounds like you have a great plan in place for success

  5. Welcome back! I think that is an amazing thing that Colorado does! I wish NY would do something like that, but I am sure our taxes would go up for it!

    Greta job having a plan - when you have a plan and a goal you do sooo well !

  6. I've been trying to add you but for some reason you don't show up on my friends yet.... I'm thinking you have to accept?

  7. I will def be on board for 30 mins everyday in May! :) I hope you rock your half training!



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