Operation Skinny Jeans: 90 Days till Summer check in!

Friday, April 11, 2014

90 Days till Summer check in!

I have this weird habit of holding myself back. I don't know if I get scared or intimidated or what, but whenever something awesome is about to happen, I pull back.

But yesterday I kind of had a breakthrough. I was driving home after having a TERRIBLE day, and I was planning on running to Walmart to get a big pizza for dinner. And as I was driving, my cooler head got a word in edgewise and said "when are you going to stop self destructing EVERY time you have a bad day?"

Well I don't know random voice of reason. Where the hell did you come from?

It must have been "Fit Jess" on my corner, while "Fat Jess" was like PIZZAAAAAA!!!!


It made me think. When AM I going to stop? The last time I had a bad day I found myself in the Krispy Kreme drive through with a box of 3 doughnuts. This is definitely a pattern.

Then Fit Jess yelled "NOW YOU FRUITCAKE!"

Good call Fit Jess.

So she reminded me of a picture my friend Dara posted for dinner the other night of Salmon and Brussels sprouts and decided that is what we were having. I promptly drove to sprouts, picked up the goods and left for the same price as a pizza.

When I got home I got right to cooking and didn't feel like I needed to ruin my day anymore. I felt at peace with it. And holy crap it was delicious.

And now that you all think I am schizophrenic, my point is this. I am the person standing in my way. I am the one holding myself back. I just need to get out of my own way and start listening to Fit Jess more often, and I feel like I can actually meet my goals. 

Tell me I am not the only person who has this problem. And tell me I am not the only one craving those damn brussels sprouts again from looking at this picture! 

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  1. Jess, every time I have a bad day all I want is all the fried things! And I want to eat until I hate myself. I am trying to be better about recognizing that feeling and stopping the destruction BEFORE it happens.

  2. Totally not the only one! High Five to you for staying strong!

  3. Your dinner looks great! And WTG on listening to Fit Jess. Usually Bad Leslie wins in my head when I have a bad day. Yesterday was kind of a crap day for me and I wanted CHOCOLATE. Not Shakeology Chocolate - chocolate I could chew and there is a whole candy dish on the receptionist desk. I made myself a cup of tea w/ artificial sweetener - not exactly 21 Day Fix approved but better than the 8 mini candy bars I was about to grab which would have led to a binge at dinner (I already JACKED up this day so I might as well really F it up). After I drank the tea, I was calmer and while it was no Nutty Bar (mean husband bought those and brought them into my home), I felt great about my choices. So dinner remained on track and today, my pants that were too tight a few weeks ago now not only fit but might be a tad loose! Thanks for being open, sincere, and transparent! You've got this!

  4. No, you are not alone. I have 2 voices in my head most of the time. It is like the little angel and the little devil. My question to myself is normally "What if I eat this pizza tonight?" Or "What if I don't eat this pizza tonight after having a HARD long day?" And usually the answer is, "I won't die and I will probably feel better in the morning." I am a HUGE "what if" person and it is in the past usually added to my anxiety issues, but lately I am turning it around to help me make better decisions. SO PROUD OF YOU FOR LISTENING TO FIT JESS!! GO GET EM GIRL!

  5. That salmon looks SO good! I just made salmon the other night, too. I had mine with jasmine rice. It was the first time I've ever tried it! Here's the link if you think about checking it out: http://www.goaloflosing.com/2014/04/april-challenge-update-and-jasmine-rice.html :)

  6. I always have those competing voices. Fat Meg likes to get fast food on the way home from work.
    GO YOU for resisting and making a healthy and awesome dinner!

  7. just ate a terrible dinner after planning a healthy one - well done :) http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/take-a-selfie.html

  8. I am the queen of self sabotage. I know it, but for some reason I cant seem to stop. I always kind of in the wayyyyy back of my head am telling myself that I'm going to fail so I might as well do it on my terms. And it has ruined so many things for me. I need your attitude. I need to punch that stupid little negative person in my brain and actually allow myself to succeed.

  9. This is such a great post, and it's SO true. I often do this to myself too, but in other ways besides food. Still self destructive- and still getting old to me. So inspiring, and I just love your blog. Thanks for reminding me I need to eat salmon more often:) I'll be praying for you!!:) YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!

  10. Roasted brussels sprouts are delicious. Back in my single days, I would roast up 2 huge pans of baby carrots, brussels sprouts, and radishes, and that is what I would munch on through the week when I felt snacky. Nom nom nom.

  11. I want ice cream and chocolate every time I have a bad day.

  12. I want ice cream and chocolate whenever I have a bad day.

  13. I like Fit Jess--she's pretty smart!! That salmon looks delicious!! Great choice:)

  14. Umm... I have multiple voices in MY head. :)

  15. I could not love this post more! I have been on a journey since October to get healthier and it is a battle between my old self of eating when I'm upset, down, have a bad day, and my new self trying so hard to be healthy and make goo decisions. Thank you so much for posting this!


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