Operation Skinny Jeans: You don't need weight-loss surgery

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You don't need weight-loss surgery

I had the profound pleasure of meeting reader turned friend, M, about a month and a half ago. It was a "blind date" of sorts, but I love meeting people and hearing their stories, so I was more excited than nervous. And I was about 96% sure she wasn't going to kill me, which is higher than my standard 70% minimum for one on one interaction.

The second we met, we hit it off right away. Conversation came naturally, and we were chatting like old buddies in no time. As we were sitting there, drinking coffee, spilling all of our deep dark feelings (as you do with a complete stranger) it came out that M was considering weight loss surgery. Staring at this beautiful, average sized woman, this boggled my mind. After hearing more of her story, I learned that she had gained a lot of weight, LOST a LOT of weight, and was no somewhere in the middle, and not loving it. She struggled with emotional eating and was jealous because her husband had weight loss surgery and had great success with it. It was starting to make sense.

I smiled warmly and told her plainly, "You do not need weight loss surgery."

Here's the thing. Obesity is a disease, and one of the mind. Same thing with Binge Eating (or any disordered eating for that matter) and not one that can be cured by shrinking the size of your stomach. It's like bankruptcy. A person can file bankruptcy, which is a very effective way to wipe away debt, but unless you teach a person to budget and take control of their money, bankruptcy is just a band aid on a bigger problem.

Same thing with weight loss surgery.

Not saying that you can't be successful after it. Lots of people are. But if there is a deeper issue, treating THAT, the mind, is the only thing that will make the difference.

Anyhoo, back to M.

I told her she didn't need weight loss surgery, but I understood she was at her wits end. She couldn't control her eating, she felt defeated in her workouts, she was done.

Until I got the 21 Day Fix in her hands.

**Note- This is not a long elaborate ad for the 21 day fix lol. It could have been anything, any change, but I believe this program made a difference for her.**

She was nervous about the eating plan, and the workouts, and if they were going to work for her. I told her to trust, and work, and if it didn't work after 21 days, she could send it back.

Well, work it sure has.

She is 16 days into the program, 15 in these pictures, and I am floored. She shared other comparison pics with me and someone mentioned that they were deceiving blah blah blah so she took them as close to the same as the originals.

This is 15 days. This is 15 days of hard work. This is 15 days of daily workouts and portion controlled clean meals. This is 15 days of a woman who was at her LITERAL wits end with weight loss, sucking it up and proving she can do anything. 

This makes me 15 shades of proud. 

I can't help but grin from ear to ear when I see this. And because of that I wanted to share it with you. And to give M the public praise she SO deserves. 

I am so proud of you girl. You rock my socks off and I know what we shared that day was the start to a beautiful, life long friendship. 

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  1. this is amazing!! you are such an inspiration

  2. That's amazing 15 day results!!!!

  3. Wow...she looks amazing! I hope we get to see what a few more days brings for her!

    Tina @ www.abettertina.com

  4. This is wonderful!! :) And you are spot on about weight-loss surgery "solving" the problem but not treating the mind.

  5. Great article! I agree it's not the answer.


  6. As someone who has had weight loss surgery - I could not agree more! It's still a struggle, every single day. And I certainly have hit a road block in my weight loss. When that happens, you go back to being a normal overweight person, just with restricted dietary means.

    Good for her! That's amazing!


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