Operation Skinny Jeans: Monday

Monday, March 3, 2014


I don't really love Mondays. They always come too fast, and I am always exhausted. But there is one thing I love about Mondays.

It's a fresh start.

Weekends are tough, especially busy weekend, and THIS was a busy weekend. We were out past 11 pm every night (until 2 am on Friday), and we weren't home much. Is it just me or is it harder to eat healthy at someone else's house?

Anyhoo, it is how Monday and I am ready for the fresh start that Mondays bring! Especially the first Monday of a new month. Today is full of possibilities!

Which means a few things for me.

1. I am starting the 21 Day Fix! I am taking a 3 week break from Tony and P90X3 to get my eating under control, then I will be right back at it! I am so excited about all that the 21 Day Fix has to offer!

2. I am excited to announce that I am now a Fitfluential Ambassador. I am beyond excited to see what this new adventure will have in store!

3. I am finally upping my mileage for my half training. It is pretty terrifying, but I have to do it some day. May as well do it now, with only 5 months to go until race day!

And last but not least: I am excited that tonight I get to host a call all about what being a Beachbody Coach means and how it has literally changed my life.

If you are even the least bit curious, or just like to listen to me talk lol tune in! You will be on mute so you wont have to talk or anything. It's purely informational :D I am really proud of my story and I can't wait to share it! 

So that's what's up in my Monday world. How about you?

AND btw! Head on over to Ash's blog A Step in the Right Direction for a GREAT Old Navy giveaway!!!! LOVE Old Navy!!

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  1. Go you! This is awesome. Weekends are really hard for me too--but you are rocking this! Have a great time on your Beachbody call!

  2. I seriously cannot wait to hear what you think about 21 Day Fix!! I think you are going to love it. If I can get the kids in bed before 8 I will be on the call. :)

  3. Congratulations on being accepted as a FitFluential ambassador, that's great news!

    Weekends are the hardest... I think the rigidity of the work week makes it easy to follow whatever plan you have in place, but then the weekend comes, and it's play time, and... where did that delicious donut come from? Happens. Whoops.


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