Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Mondays- Week 1 recap!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Marathon Mondays- Week 1 recap!

So I don't know if you know this, but C25K sucks. It is hard, and even tho it doesn't seem like it should be, it will totally test your physical and mental strength. It is also hard to commit to running on such a structured schedule. But you know what else is hard? Running a half marathon. Or losing 60 lbs, or even being unhappy with your body. It's all hard.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that life is hard. It is all hard. You have to choose your hard. I came to terms with that during my first C25K run this week, at the last running interval. I was over it. I was tired and ready to go home, and I said to myself "no one will know if I just walk this one..." but then I thought "I will know!" so I just did it. And I am proud that I did. The first run is always the hardest.

After that run, this week went great. I am starting to get more into a schedule which is nice. My goal this week is to run at work, on my lunch breaks. It will mean planning ahead and packing my gear, but getting it done in the middle of the day will mean that I can sleep in a little longer and do 21 Day Fix when I get home from work :D

Pokey was feeling reflective and wrote about why she is running. I love it!

I am running because I want to prove to myself that I’m no longer a scared little girl, who felt ugly and awkward and wholly unwanted.  I’ve carried her long enough and this is where we part ways.

I am running because I am not bound by genetics and I am not destined to be out of shape and overweight.  I choose to be healthy.

I am running because I am tired of carrying this heavy shell of weight, disappointment, and shame.  
I am running to be me and to please me.  

I am running to control my body in a way that serves me, not in a way that destroys me.

I am going to think about this this week. I completely agree with her, especially the last one :D

Are you training for anything? How's it going? Doing C25K again? 
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  1. You go girl! Good job pushing through and doing it!

  2. your doing great girl! Im on W2D2 tonight!!! keep it up!! you got this!

  3. well done, i did the c25k once and was so pleased with myself after, you'll get there :)

  4. I thought it was a linkup so I wrote a post titled "Marathon Monday" as well. Ooops. Maybe you should do a link. Anyway, love your blog as always.

  5. Pasty white is beautiful and healthy! My cancer researcher friend taught me to think of a tan as a scab; it is your skin's reaction to damage.

  6. I made it all of the way through C25K one time and it was awesome. You look at those intervals and definitely think, "one minute? Pshhht... that's easy!" Until you get into the last half of that days intervals! I love reading your blogs and posts. They are inspiring me to challenge myself and work harder towards fitness and the body I want. I'm challenging myself by going to some form of strength training class on my lunch breaks, and running at least a mile in the evenings (or go to derby practice)

  7. Every single day I struggle with my training at one moment or another. Every day I want to quit and walk the rest of the way. And then I remember how badly I want to meet my running goals, and I push through that moment of awful.

    You are doing such amazing things for your body, and for your life! So proud that you started, and are being accountable to your goals!


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