Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Monday- Lets do this!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Marathon Monday- Lets do this!

Last week, I mentioned how my sister Pokey and I are going to start chronicling our half marathon training on Mondays in a feature I have so creatively named "Marathon Mondays".

We officially start C25K training today, but since I did something this weekend, and she has already run, we have an update :D

After a good long run on Saturday (3.5 miles in 1hr, a PR) I finally felt compelled to register for my half marathon. Finally.

Well shit just got real. I think this was the kick in the pants to get my ass moving!

AND because my sister is loquacious to a fault (it runs in the family), she has more to tell you than I do. Take it away Poke! (side note, did I mention her name isn't actually Pokey? I have called her that since we were little. Anyhoo, didn't want you thinking my parents were crazy lol)

Hi there, Pokey here.  Jess is kindly letting me share my experience as I work up to run the Belfast Half Marathon on the 14th of September, a mere 6 months away.  I’m not completely new to running and last year was covering 4 miles in about 35 minutes without much walking, but as is the way of things, I just fell out of it.  

I got an email through at work, looking for relay runners for the Belfast Marathon, I clicked through the link just to read and saw the half-marathon in September and decided I wanted to do that.  I lost a significant amount of weight before, by doing weight watchers.  I’m sad to say that it’s all come back on, but I decided to take care of my head and heart and how I view food and my body before attempting anything in the way of changing my diet or exercise habits.  I needed to get rid of the noise inside my head (you must count calories, you can’t eat that, that’s too fattening, etc etc etc).

I travel quite a bit for work and spend a lot of time eating out as part of my job.  I try and make smart choices, but I more or less eat what I want and in the quantity I want.  Sometimes, I overdo it and I feel quite uncomfortable and full, but I’ve begun to start pushing food aside when I’m finished.  And this has been incredibly empowering and a sign that I’m beginning to treat food as food, not as comfort or a treat.  It’s been a long road, but I feel like I’m on the right path.  

So that’s where I got to this point and where I’m at mentally.  

I decided I was going to to do this as properly as possible and went on Saturday to a shop called Pure Running, in Belfast.  I did a gait analysis to get fitted for shoes and the sales woman presented me with 4 pairs of shoes.  I went with a pair of Nike Lunarglide 5’s. Then it was off to pick up some inexpensive running clothes and I was ready for Sunday.  

Strapped on my shoes, drank a big glass of water and did Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K programme.  I’m using the Get Running app, which while not a free app, was definitely lovely to follow.  

I was really ready for this to be a hard run.  And I was completely shocked when it wasn’t.  I had a small stitch in my side on the 2nd to last run, but was able to breathe through it and was fine to finish strong and I recovered rather quickly.  This is really encouraging, that I was as unfit as I had anticipated.  My big sore spot, however, are my feet.  My arches feel quite sore and I’m hoping a combination of breaking in the new shoes plus building up my strength should sort this out.  But if anybody has some thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them! (Poke I used to run in Lunarglide 3's and the arches killed my feet, and actually made me over pronate. Just a thought, flat feet sisters and all..)

My next run is on Tuesday but I’m really looking forward to it, but I want to be careful not to do too much too soon and burn myself out.  Overall, a brilliant start, really pleased with myself :D

SO there you have it! My first run will be today so I will have a full report next Monday.

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  1. Great job making it through your first week! Signing up for the half marathon is definitely terrifying, I just registered for the Denver Rock n' Roll FULL marathon, and very nearly gave myself a nervous breakdown in the process.


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