Operation Skinny Jeans: Just a Monday morning rant about body image

Monday, March 31, 2014

Just a Monday morning rant about body image

I get asked all the time how I maintain a positive body image in a society that promotes the opposite. All around us we have skinny actresses being called fat, diet pill ads telling us that all of our problems would go away if we just lost weight (by simply popping a pill) and our friends and colleges calling themselves fat (when we are heavier than they are!). I am not going to lie, its not easy.

I consume size-ist media at least 20 times a day. Ads, the radio, the internet, it is everywhere. People are valued less if they are a larger size. It is what it is in our society. I freaking hate it. But I don't hate myself because of it. My self-worth is not tied to societies standards of what is beautiful.

I had an epiphany.

We as women have never felt like our bodies were "perfect". When we were in High School, regardless if we weighed 120 lbs or 220 lbs, we hated our bodies and thought we were "Fat". As we gained years, and inevitably weight, our self image just got worse! If we hated our bodies at 120 lbs, imagine how much we hate them at 150 or 170! We WISH we were the size we were in High School, where we spent all that time hating that body even-tho we now envy it!  It's because we are conditioned to believe that we are not good enough until we are tiny picture perfect models of people. Until we look like the models or whoever the standard of beauty is today (it changes CONSTANTLY. "oh now strong is the new skinny. Sucks for all you skinny women, you are no longer beautiful. Now you have to be STRONG!" "Oh not that strong, you look like a man!" etc) we feel like we will never be happy with our bodies.

It is only when we accept, and I mean TRULY, unequivocally, passionately accept that we are PERFECT on the inside, that we will stop worrying about what we are on the outside.

Body perfection doesn't exist.

But if you believe you are perfect on the inside, the IMPORTANT side, then you can stop feeling so much hate toward the outside. Your disappointment will fade, and the daily media won't ruin you anymore. That crap has no affect on me. I am not measured by what society says I should look like. I am fucking awesome on the inside. I know that for a FACT, so who cares if I don't look like a Victoria's Secret model? I sure don't.

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  1. I love this! I am size awesome too. Keep up the good, positive work!

  2. Love this post and agree wholeheartedly. You are awesome! :)

  3. I was looking through old pictures yesterday and came across a lot of old pictures where you could see in my face how uncomfortable I was because I thought I was fat. Boy, if I could only look like that now.............

  4. Jess, this is an amazing post. Why are we giving so much value to a shell on the outside? Oh and I was one of those dummies that thought I was a whale in HS (sz 16/18). I cannot wait until I am that size again. Hopefully in 2014 that will happen!

  5. This is so true!! I love this post--thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I absolutely agree with everything you've said! Right on!

  7. I come from a town Where We Like big buts and we can not Lie!! LOL!
    I am size awesome! Love this !

  8. This has been in the NZ media all day as a radio presenter thought she was off air and started saying that people who weighed over 150lbs were "lardos" and "heifers". When will the bad mouthing, bullying and criticism end? Everyone is beautiful.


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