Operation Skinny Jeans: An Open Letter: Yoga Pants

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Open Letter: Yoga Pants

Dear Yoga Pants,

Thank you.

You make me feel warm when I am lonely, and I am comfortable in your embrace. Your waist band is like a soft hug, like that of an old friend you haven't seen in months. So familiar even after an extended absence. I often crave your embrace, longing to feel your soft support around my waist.

As I slip you on after a long day, I feel at home. You are home for me. Whether I am doing yoga or just sitting on the couch, I know you will be there for me every step of the way.

You are the cheese to my leg's macaroni. The cinnamon to my buns ;) I don't even know what I would do without you.




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  1. Would totally live in my sweatpants and big hoodie sweatshirts! If only I didn't have to ever go out in public!! Cute letter:)

  2. Yes! Let me go ahead and just co-sign this letter to yoga pants, the best kind of pants there are.

  3. Cinnamon to my buns! love that one!!!

  4. I big puffy heart love my workout leggings. They smooooth things out, haha. And they are comfy to just lay around the house in. Those and my Old Navy half zip with thumb holes. Love it. Could live in those together.

  5. This is lovely. I LOVE Yoga Pants. haha

  6. I may be the only chick alive that doesn't own a pair of yoga pants. I want to looooove.

  7. HA!!! what more is left to say..."You are the cheese to my leg's macaroni. The cinnamon to my buns"....this is wonderful!!!! and I totally feel the same way ;)

  8. I love me some good stretchy pants too! I never used to be the lounge pants kind of girl but they have certainly grown on me. Next to maternity pants with their big stretchy bellies, no buttons and zippers. :)

  9. Hoodie's are the best, most comfortable article of clothing in my world. I just can't give them up.


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