Operation Skinny Jeans: 90 Days till Summer Challenge- Week 1!

Friday, March 28, 2014

90 Days till Summer Challenge- Week 1!

So if you saw my blog on Wednesday you know how this week went lol. I have been in Bingeopolis so it could have gone better. But I am back on track, meal planning for this week and I am ready to get back on track!

Speaking of meal planning, I am learning this is essential. I used to do it some of the time, and kind of half ass it, but the real fact is when I don't plan, I eat out. I haven't had one home cooked lunch this week! That is bad on my body AND my wallet. If  I am going to rock this bikini this summer, I NEED to get this shit together. So I am starting today. Here is my 3 day clean eating prep plan. Feel free to join me :D

Day 1 (today, obv) Planning.

I am going to spend today planning all of my meals. I am doing the 21 day fix so I will be using the containers to measure portions, but you can follow this too. Now remember, I am in the highest calorie category (2000+) so modify accordingly.
I broke down my containers into each meal so I can plan correctly. (sorry if this makes no sense)

R= protein

m1: RYP (Shakeo, almond milk, fruit)
m2: RPY (breakfast)
m3: RPG (snack)
m4: RGGY (lunch)
m5: RG (snack)
m6: RGGYBO (dinner, tho my B & O float)
m7: P (dessert)

I am working on putting actual meals together, but this is how I categorize it. So to make sense of this, for lunch I have a protein, two servings of veggies and a starch. 

Day 2. Cleaning!

I am going to PURGE my kitchen. It has amassed some shit in the last few weeks that need to go if I am going to be on track. Example- I have potato chips. Gah. Those have to go. I think about those little jerks constantly! I had some for breakfast! They need to GTFO. So I am cleaning out my fridge and pantry- total annihilation

Day 3. Purchase and Prep. 

After my pantry is clean and I throw away all the rotting vegetables I intended to eat last week but never did, I can start fresh. I will take my meal plan, create a grocery list, and go shopping. Then, and this is the most important part, I am going to PREP! This means cutting fruits and veggies, portioning (using my containers) and bagging up. Then separating into meals, and days. My goal at the end of Sunday is to have 7 grocery bags with a complete day (minus dinner obv) in it for me to just grab and go! This is the dream. When I take food, I eat it. When I don't, I don't. Period. 

For my dinners, I am going to start marinading or whatever they need, cut and portion them into freezer bags and then either freeze if I am going to eat it after Wednesday, or fridge if before that. When I have a plan and food to cook when I get home, I cook it! When I don't (like last night) my husband gets Chipotle and I get Fro-yo. Yes, I had frozen yogurt for dinner last night. Haters gonna hate. THIS is why meal prepping is so important! 

So if you want, join me! It wont be easy, but it will be worth it! (And maybe if you want to join me every week, I can set up a weekly 3 day meal prep group on facebook. Maybe. ;) Let me know below if you would join that...)

Link up your 90 Days till Summer post below :D

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  1. Good for you....keep us posted, I want to know how long this takes you...

  2. I love how you are taking it in steps!! Sometimes that is the best way of doing it!!

  3. This is great and I am all about meal prep!! I work close to a grocery store, so I can get a salad or something healthy if I forget--much better than fast food, But I seriously suffer in my wallet if I don't prep! This may be a dumb question, and I'm sorry if you explained it somewhere I missed...but why would Protein not be P, Veggie a V, Fruit an F, etc?

  4. So, I started a new weight loss blog and just published my 90 day challenge blog post and came to link up and it is now closed. I will make sure to link up for the next one!! I finally decided to do this challenge and I'm excited!!



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