Operation Skinny Jeans: Your Questions, Answered!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Your Questions, Answered!

Last week I opened up the floor for any questions you might have for me, and today I have all the answers for you! Thank you for your questions! I love that you are curious about me :D

Without further ado :D


How do you motivate yourself? I'm SO self-conscious and worry what people will say or think when I try and run outside or workout at the gym. I actually had a group of girls yell out of a car making fun of me once. What's keeps you going? -@emmychristian 

I think it’s a combination of two things. First I came up with a solid reason WHY I am doing this. Its not easy, and it’s not convenient, so having a good “why” keeps me going. My “why” is that I am worth it. I want to be happy and I want to feel good about myself. And working out and eating healthy feed that goal. And the second part is making the decision every single day to work toward that “why”. It is a choice I make every morning to work toward that goal. Some mornings I don’t make that choice and I have bad days, but the next day I wake up, choose to be better, and keep on trucking.

I am so sorry people yelled at you out of a car! That is crazy! People are crazy. And people are going to hate. When I told my family I was going to run a half, they literally laughed in my face. And through consistency and ignoring them, I have proven them wrong. People are going to want to see you fail, because people are mean, but if you tune out that negativity and prove them wrong with your actions, you will win :D

What's your diet like? How many days a week do u workout? Do u allow for cheat days?- @dohertymama 

My diet is pretty loosey goosey. I wrote about my specific structure here, but really I just try to eat as well as I can. I really don’t restrict myself because it leads to bingeing for me, but I don’t go crazy either. And no, I don’t really have cheat days. Since I don’t restrict, I don’t need to “cheat” which works for me because I would totally binge on cheat meals. So when I really want something, I  have a healthy portion of it, and I am good.

I work out 6-7 days a week. With P90X3 I have workouts on Monday-Saturday, and It is pretty rare that I miss one, and on Sundays I run. As the weather is getting nicer, my goal is to add some short runs into my evenings, so P90X3 in the morning, run in the evening 3 days a week. Since P90X3 is only 30 minutes, it doesn’t wear me out so I don’t feel like that is pushing it for me.

What's your goal weight/size? And how did you determine that as what you ultimately wanted? (My "goal" is to wear a comfortable 8, regardless of how much I weigh, because I've always wanted to be in the single digits!)- @run_this_weigh

I love that goal! I don’t really know what my goal weight/size is. I would love to weigh 140 because that would be half of where I started. But I don’t really know what that looks like for me because I have never weighed that as an adult. I think I weighed that in 6th grade lol!

More than anything I just want to be comfortable, and strong. I want to be able to do 10 pull ups. And I want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and I want to feel sexy naked.

How do you get past cravings, do you ever give in or do you find something to replace it?- @meg41981

It’s amazing how much Shakeology has gotten rid of my cravings. I used to crave something sweet in the afternoon and something sweet at night, and now that has pretty much gone away. But if I do have a craving, I drink some water. And if I am still thinking about it after a day or so, I will eat it. I won’t go crazy, but I will indulge. If I hold off too long I will binge, so I try to nip it in the bud :D

What is your major motivations to get fit and get to your workouts?- @rachiepoo48

Just my happiness. I love the way I feel now, compared to where I was. And I know that I will feel even better the further I get. It isn’t easy, but I have to make that choice every day to just do it. Because I know it’s worth it.

I've just started working out regularly and I have a hard time getting out of my own head. I find myself being overcome with self doubt and thoughts of "I can't do this". Did you ever experience that? If so how did you overcome it? -@mandanichole85

I experienced that before I got into working out. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do it, and that people would judge me and that I would look stupid. Then I actually started doing it and I realized it made me feel amazing. I felt strong and I didn’t care who was looking. And I found people at the gym to be really supportive! I think you just have to let go what other people think about you (or more importantly what you think they are thinking about you.) If you set small goals, and achieve them, you will gain the confidence you need to really feel like you can do anything. I would start there. There is a lot to be said for feeling successful.

What's a typical day like for you?- Veronica L

Oh man, a typical day. Well I wake up at 5 and get on my phone to wake up. I answer emails or comments and drink E&E to wake up. Around 5:15 I get dressed into my workout stuff and make my way out to the living room. Around 5:30 I start P90X3 and finish around 6. I hop in the shower, make my shakeology and grab my lunch, do my hair and head out the door around 6:50. I drive 30 minutes to work where I sit on my ass all.day.long. I am an office manager so I am on my computer all day. I try to get up and sometimes do squats to get my blood flowing. When the weather gets better I want to start running a mile at lunch, just to do SOMETHING.

At 4 I leave work and head home. If it’s warm out I will go for a run with my dog, Max. and if not I figure out what we are going to do for dinner. I start cooking and try to have dinner ready by the time Andy, my husband, gets home at 5:30. (if I slept in, I will get my workout in at this time). He gets home, we eat dinner, and 2 nights out of the week we go to trivia (one I am hosting, and one to play). Other than that we sit on the couch on our computers.

My life is so glamorous ;)

When you wake up in the morning and you are getting ready... You know like makeup and hair, that kind of stuff... Do you sing The New Girl theme song to yourself? – Jackie Z

Yes. Yes I do.

Do you plan your meals for an entire week/month?- Veronica L

I try to plan a week at a time. I do a lot better when I do, but for some reason I have short term memory loss or something and some weeks we will just try to “wing it”. Those weeks don’t things don’t go as well.

Do you have a problem with finding a good workout bra? What do you use? I currently use THREE sports bras to keep things in place when I run. I'm very sensitive to too much bounce and I hate the idea of people seeing them flop around. On that same, kinda note, any good tips on plus size workout clothing? Best after workout snack? Pre-workout snack/meal?- Running Meg

1. I have the hardest time finding a good sports bra. In fact, I haven't found one. I wear a strapless bra under my sports bra for more support, which works for now, but sucks. I have heard great things about the Moving Comfort Juno, but $$.

2. Plus size workout clothes- 6 words. Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy. I am obsessed. I love their compression pants, they are like a sports bra for my belly :D I can't imagine running or jumping around without them. And their tops fit me really nicely as well and breathe. Plus they are on the cheaper side.

3. After workout snack, Shakeology for me, or anything with protein. Bananas and peanut butter, or whole grain toast with PB. A raw steak, ya know anything to get in that protein :P (totally kidding on the raw steak lol btw)

4. Pre workout snack is a no for me. I know people frown upon that, but I have spent too much time dry heaving on the side of a path and I know my body. I can't eat 2 hours before I workout. I drink a lot of water, but food is a no. I start literally dry heaving. In the mornings I drink E&E to help fuel my energy, and I eat right after.

I want to start running. I tried a few month back but had too much back and shin pain. I'm planning to start over when the weather gets nice. Ant tips for beginners? How about shoe recommendations? :) - Fit Begins

First off, WOO!! Way to go for getting started! It is hard but you will love it! For pain, stretch stretch stretch. If I don't stretch, I can feel it in my hips. I always do a nice moving warm up including lunges and squats before I run. Also- shop around for shoes that fit you. Everyone's feet are different and so there is no right answer for shoes. I was wearing the wrong shoes for way too long and my life has been changed. Go to a running store if you have lots of money lol or just find something that feels good on your feet. They shouldn't hurt your feet at all. I was wearing Nike Lunar Glides for a long time and I HATED how they hurt my feet, but they were Nikes so I figured they were good. Then I went to Target and found some C9 running shoes and they feel amazing. They arent fancy or name brand, but they have changed my running life! So don't be afraid to look outside of the fancy labels :D

What do you think of the 'shorter' version of p90x? - Jenn

I have never done the regular, so I am not sure how they compare, but I feel like a whole hour of the can of whoopass that Tony Horton unleashes would literally kill me. I have deep love feelings for P90X3. It is the first workout I have ever done that I find fun. I laugh. I enjoy what I am doing so I want to keep doing it. And it is such a good workout! There is one workout I don't capital L Love but I think its because it's pretty easy. I like to be challenged.

You have written in the past about your battle with binge eating. I also have issues with this. I know we all have our "bad days' food-wise, but how do you manage to stay on track? I know that I tend to do great during the week and totally go off the deep end on the weekends. - Courtney

It has become a lot easier to control now that I know what my triggers are. When I feel a binge coming on, I try to redirect my attention. I will go shopping (not somewhere with food) or go outside or drink water. I can usually talk myself out of it. There are certain foods I seem to not have control over, like doughnuts, so I try to stay away from them. Weekends are hard for sure. I don't buy foods I would binge on so that helps. I know that isn't always an option for people with kids or husbands who like sweets, but it helps a ton if it isn't available. Real talk- I left a grocery store yesterday because I pulled up and there were girl scouts out front selling cookies. I can't say no so we turned around and went to a different store. It's all about managing your triggers.

1. Do you know what your body % is and how much is has changed since you starting losing weight?
2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning- what takes the most time for you?
3. Do you ever plan on having children?- Sierra

1. It is around 49%, but it was 57% when I started so I feel good about that :D

2. It takes me about 30 minutes all in. I am a pretty quick shower-er, like 10-12 min. Then I blow dry my hair and get dressed. 99% of the time I don't wear make-up, tho I think I want to start. The rest of time is getting dressed :D

3. I do! We want to have kids when my body is in the right shape. I want to have a healthy pregnancy first and foremost, so its kinda on the back burner :D


That's all of them! Holy cow this is a wordy post! If you made it this far, way to go! You deserve a high five!

I did leave out a couple questions because I am going to be doing this again, but with a twist! I got a few questions about my husband, and he agreed to answer his own Q&A. So I am officially opening the floor for questions for him! My goal is to write that up on Friday, so get them in! You can ask him anything!

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  1. Love these! I can't wait to hear the rest with your honey.

  2. Glad you did this! I'm a new follower and it made it easy for me to get to know you right off the bat! On the sport bra issue- I'm kinda with you on the double-up-the-bras. I've tried a few more expensive ones and seriously, they STILL didn't give me the support I'd need to run. I wear a regular or strapless under a sport bra, also.

  3. The best sports bra I have found is the Champion 360 Max Support Bra. I used to double up but this one does the job great on it's own. I do high impact workouts and this is the first bra I have found that really works for me. Just thought I'd share as I highly recommend it for women (like myself) that need a lot of support.

  4. What is the E & E stand for that you drink?? I can't seem to figure it out!!

    Is your husband working out and eating healthy with you?? That makes it so much easier. My husband really helps me because he has so much more will power and motivation and it rubs off on me! Today at the gym (first day back in over 2 weeks!) he saw me walking and gestured to me to up my pace and start running again and I'm so glad he did. Anyway, I'm wondering if your husbands also helps motivate you or you know you can't sneak a treat or whatever because you are doing this together.

    1. E&E is Energy and Endurance! It's amazing! Spark made me feel shakey, but this just wakes me right up and SERIOUSLY keeps me going! I dont know what I did without it! https://extranet.securefreedom.com/MillionDollarBody/csShopping/ShoppingCart_Detail.asp?PriceID=298666&Cat=Nutrition%20and%20Supplements|P90X%20%20Nutrition

  5. The perfect bra for large chested ladies is out there and WE WILL FIND IT! Whew.
    Thanks for answering questions. That was fun!

  6. I love your candor an honesty. I didn't write in a question because I'm a relatively new follower and I'm still trying to get to know you and didn't want to ask something you address in other posts. You inspire me so much. I'm glad to have started following you in the middle of your journey. I'm bad about following a lot of "afters" and think "That's great for them but I could never do that" Your battle is real and I'm glad you keep it that way. Glad to be your follower!

  7. Has your relationship changed at all since Jess starting losing weight, and if so, how? What is your favorite thing about your wife, both personality wise and phyical characteristics? :)

  8. Has your relationship changed at all since Jess starting losing weight, and if so, how? What is your favorite thing about your wife, both personality wise and phyical characteristics? :)

  9. You. Are. Awesome. Thanks for all the tips. Funny that you mentioned C9 shoes at target. Our local target is restructuring or something and there were a ton of clearance items. I got a pair of Champion "Light Running" shoes for $8. I wore them for my treadmill workout today. They seemed to fit well but I ended up with a blister. (My socks my have played a part in that.) I found a local running store that does the treadmill test and fits you for shoes. Might be time to check them out!

  10. Old Navy's sports bras are surprisingly amazing. Granted, I'm on the smaller side of the tata scale, but they hold me in just as well as my fancy schmancy Moving comfort. And considering they're usually on sale for 10 bucks, it's a good cheap option to try.

    Also, I am so sad I haven't found your blog before this last weekend. Seriously. You're awesome.

  11. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! We invite you to visit my blog. I have a Healthy section because I also lost 20kg the last year :) I Follow you.

    kisses! ;) www.mvesblog.com

  12. Great post! You are a Rock Star! But what is E&E? Thanks! Jennifer


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