Operation Skinny Jeans: #sameshirtdifferentgirl

Friday, February 28, 2014


So yesterday I posted a side by side pic of me from my honeymoon, and in the same shirt yesterday.

I had this terrible affliction when I was at my highest weight called "denial". I would consistently wears shirts that didn't fit me. The good news I guess is that now all of my shirts STILL fit. SO thats a win I guess lol. I just recently had to start buying smaller sized shirts, but really all the old ones fit, just a bit baggy.

Anyhoo, this has given me the unique opportunity of inventing a new hashtag. #sameshirtdifferentgirl. Ok maybe I didn't invent it, and it has been used twice by randos, but it's not WIDELY used so I "coined" it. :D

Same shirt different girl basically is you take a picture wearing the same shirt you did in a before pic, and place them side by side. I think progress is most noticeable while wearing the same clothes, so that's how I want to compare :D

Here are some examples.

I am going to start taking more of these (for the shirts I haven't donated :/) and you should to! If you hoard clothes like I do, this shouldn't even be hard! Just put on the old shirt, snap a selfie (bonus points if its at work lol like mine always are) and hashtag #sameshirtdifferentgirl.

Who knows, maybe it will catch on.

Probably not.

Eh whatever. I just like progress pics! :D


ALSO! On Monday I am starting the 21 Day Fix! I can't wait to get started and share how it goes! Yes, I am taking a short break from P90X3, I just want to get my eating figured out and this is how I am gonna do it!

Have an awesome weekend!
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  1. That is such a great motivator!! Reminds me not to get rid of anything too early---need it for the constant motivation!!

  2. Wonderful motivation wearing those clothes that we once "thought" fit! I'll have to see what I have still been holding onto and do the same!

  3. Great idea!! I need to go through my camera/pictures to see if I can find any older pictures and try it myself!

  4. Thanks for posting! So inspirational! I had my husband take some before pictures, but I am embarrassed to look at them myself :(

  5. Way to go! Pictures are a great way to track your progress. When I was trying to shed pounds I took a bikini picture every morning so I could track progress. I never got to "bikini beach body" but I liked seeing my efforts pay off. Keep up the good work, you look great.
    New follower - whit from Raspy Wit

  6. You have done such amazing things for yourself! That is an incredible transformation, way to go!

  7. I love it. :) You are making such amazing progress!! 21 day fix is going to rock your socks off!

  8. I love that idea :-) I think it must be so personally validating to see such HUGE changes in how you look in a particular outfit. I really like that idea, if I had allowed any pictures when I was at my heaviest I would definitely do that, but I'm going to try and do this with what I do have! Excellent idea!

  9. Love this idea! Now if only I can get brave enough to take some pictures!!!

  10. Love this idea! Now if only I can get brave enough to take some pictures!!!

  11. OMG you can really tell a difference in all those pics! I love the #samegirldifferentshirt idea. That is great! I can especially see it in your last pic with the striped black and white tank. You look awesome.


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