Operation Skinny Jeans: My Valentine

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

On Monday I asked you to submit questions you had for my husband, and you delivered and he has answered. I will pepper his answers with pictures of us through the years.

Little background- we met 7.5 years ago, married for 3.5. We have a dog named Max (that I apparently never talk about haha) and yeah :D Thats about it lol. I will let him speak for himself.

And here is a post I wrote about our wedding day


How did you meet Jess? What do you do? 
Jess and I met in college, she was an RA in the building across from mine in my Sophomore Year. And I work in the wonderful world of Title Insurance.

A few months after we started dating :D (Dec 2006)

Are you behind Jess on her weightloss? Do you workout with her as well? You are a mysterious man as of right now. :)
I am 100% behind Jess in her weight loss journey, I support her in everything she does. And yes that means when I can I get up with her at 5 am to workout with her.

The night he was supposed to propose (he jumped the gun) (September 2008)
Has your relationship changed at all since Jess starting losing weight, and if so, how? What is your favorite thing about your wife, both personality wise and phyical characteristics? :)
Our relationship hasn't really changed but some "activities", I'm going to leave it at that as some of my family reads this blog, have become much more fun! (HAHAHAHAHA LOLOL I love this man!-jess)

I love Jess' sense of humor and my favorite physical characteristic is probably her "girls" again family.

Our first trip to California (July 2010)

Was it hard to change when Jess started to eat better and workout?
Change comes pretty easy for me so it wasn't hard to make the switch when she started to eat healthier and workout.
Wedding day! (Nov 2010)

What do you think about Jess's Blog?
To be honest I've actually never read Jess' blog, I don't really have to as I live out what she's writing about most of the time.

Same lol

How do you like P90X3?
So far P90X3 is a good workout and some of them are pretty fun but I pretty much hate Yoga day.

1 year anniversary (Nov 2011)
2nd Anniversary (Nov 2012)
3rd Anniversary (Nov 2013)
How do you like Shakeology? 
I've had three different flavors of the Shakeology, Vegan Strawberry, regular Strawberry and Chocolate; I hated both Strawberry flavor and I have a chocolate shake every morning as my breakfast, I'm pretty simple and just mix it with milk.

Our second trip to California (July 2013)
Do you have weight to lose too? How much?
Yes I do have weight to lose, and I'd like to lose about 30-40 lbs.

Goof BALL (Nov 2012 ish)

Do you like to run too? Are you running the half marathon with Jess?
It's not that I dislike to run, if I wanted to I could run on a treadmill for an hour, I just lack the motivation to do so. And no I will not be running any of the marathons Jess has planned for 2014, but I will be there to help cheer her on and photograph each experience.


And there you have it. From his mouth. Andy is incredibly supportive, funny, smart, and my best friend. And now you know him a little bit better :D

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  1. yay! I love him just as much as I love you! You two are AH-Mazing!
    Thanks Andy!

  2. Aw, what a sweet post.
    When's your anniversary? I was married 11/12/11 so I always like to meet other November couples. It's not a super popular month!

  3. I think I would like to work for a title company. One of my favorite things I get to do at my job is deed research!

  4. I kept wanting to hit like on his answers. Haha this isn't facebook. :) lol. Soooo....I'm glad I decided to return the Strawberry Shakeology. ;) he and I would probably have been on the same page about that

  5. I feel so much better that your hubby doesn't read your blog either.. mine doesn't and I was feeling bad about it.. you guys are so cute!! I love your anniversary pictures:)

  6. I love those anniversary pictures, such a great idea!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you've done the picture within a picture every year on your anniversary. I have only been married for one year, and I started that tradition. My friends think I will forget one year and then it won't happen. But it looks so cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. You two are so cute! I love your anniversary pictures! Have you ever seen the children's book "Flotsam"? Your pictures remind me of it!


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