Operation Skinny Jeans: I wanna play a sport.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I wanna play a sport.

Growing up, I wasn't in sports. I don't know if it was lack of want to or lack of funding, but I just wasn't. I don't blame my obesity on this, but it's something I want to do differently with my kids. I wasn't a particularly active kid. I was also overweight. Really that's neither here nor there at this point.

I want to be an active adult. I want to go hiking on the weekends and running in the mornings. I want to go places and see things and play with my kids when I have them. I know that after I reach my happy place, I want to maintain that without feeling like I am CONSTANTLY "dieting". I want to get to a place where I just LIVE, don't we all?

So I have been thinking and I think I wanna play a sport. I am a pretty competitive person, and I think a sport is a great way to stay active as an adult. SO I have been looking into fun adult sports and this is what I have found.

1. Co Ed Softball. I have a friend on a co-ed softball team now, and he loves it. And I also have a good friend that coaches girls softball, so I feel like she could teach me. Now, disclaimer, I have never played softball. So I am not sure how practical it is that I learn how in time to play this year, but it's a thought!

2. Roller Derby. I just think this sounds like a shit ton of fun. I just need to remember how to roller skate. It can't be that hard, right?

3. Kickball. One of the only sports I wasn't terrible at in gym class, but really who can't kick a 2 foot diameter red ball?

Those are my thoughts. Any suggestions?
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  1. Tennis.. Seriously. We are having so so so much fun with our tennis lessons and playing!

  2. omg.. I would LOVE to do roller derby! My future niece does roller derby down in Fort Collins. I wish they would bring it up here!

  3. Re: Roller Derby... From what I understand, it's a great time. I also know, though, that it's way more of a time commitment than most people expect when they get involved. I had a quizzer couple who were both on a team that came to my old Wednesday night, and they said that was literally the only free night they had all week because of derby. Evelyn used to play and Ozzy used to be an announcer for an Austin league. I bet they could both give you more info.

  4. Roller Derby is kick ass but I'm be worried I'd bust my teeth or something. Those girls can get nasty. Eekkk..
    I've heard good things about kickball, volleyball, etc.
    I think anything will be fun. Just jump in and try it.

  5. I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis. I think roller derby would be fun but I don't know how to skate.

  6. Just thinking, have you thought about horseback riding? Great leg workout and you are always outdoors! Can be a little expensive to start but totally worth it!

  7. I love softball and volleyball. My advice for softball is to get on a team that SUCKS. Make sure they want to have a good time and don't have high expectations. I started my own team and loved it. Then after I had my child I decided I didn't want to "manage" a team any more and joined a more competitive team. It did helped me play better, but there is more pressure. I miss my first team :( Kickball is a good "get your foot in the door" sport. But once again, make sure you get on the right team, Kick ball can be surprisingly competitive and mean. It is all about the team you join. Have you and your husband tried Raquetball. I know it sounds a little lame, but before I had my son, my husband and I played all the time and we had a blast. Plus it is something you can play together when ever you have the free time. Good luck picking a sport!

  8. I played co-ed softball the last few summers. If you find a beer league, it's so much fun! If the team is too competitive, it can suck the fun out of it.

    I agree with Desiree though, I have had so much fun playing tennis. I keep saying each year I'm going to sign up and then I never do. Maybe this year I can finally commit!

  9. What about something like an adult tap class? Yes it's dance and not technically a sport, but it's still great exercise! Also, I saw that someone above mentioned tennis. I second that!

  10. My husband plays Kickball on a "beer league" and has so much fun. They are all there to just have a good time and do. I also agree with the racquetball suggestion. You can play any time of the year and its only the cost of the racquet to get started. My husband and I got our at Target a couple years ago at Target for around $20.

  11. There are lots of intermural sports around...I am sure you could find something for the spring or summer months! I've always wanted to get back into soccer. I just need to find some time!

  12. I really love the idea of Roller Derby too... those women are FIERCE, and they own their bodies in a really empowering way. Good for you for wanting to make such big changes, and be a positive role model for your future kids. Also, I'm in Northern Colorado, and if you ever want a {slow} running buddy, or a hiking friend who has the requisite chocolate lab, I am totally your girl ;)

  13. A girl I work with does Roller Derby and I've always thought it would be cool and kickass!

    *Just reminding everyone to make sure they have followed my new blog..... ;) Thanks!*

  14. I've played on a rec kickball team and loved it. It's so much fun!

  15. Roller Derby!! Most fun you will ever have. I played softball all the way through college and it still does not compare to derby. Start going to open skate (warning, rink skates suck), but get comfortable being on skates. In our league, if you can stand on skates, we will teach you the rest.


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