Operation Skinny Jeans: Eat a sandwich!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Eat a sandwich!

OK I am the biggest liar ever.

I have a blogger buddy who looks hella fine and I am so freaking proud of her.  And a few times I have seen people comment on her progress pics "Eat a sandwich."

This is of course an idiom for "you are getting to skinny, eat something." and is offensive, to me.

Especially because I know she eats sandwiches. Lots of them!

And my point is that its rude to tell people to eat because they are too skinny

well that's actually not my point

It just popped into my head.

My POINT is that you need to eat to lose.

THIS is why I didn't blog today. My brain is all over the place. WELCOME to my ADHD hell :D (I legit have adhd. Fun fact)

Eating to lose- YES

Here's the thing. Your body runs on food. Duh. And you have a Base metabolic rate that your body NEEDS to function. It's different for everyone and it varies depending on your activity, but google it and find a calculator (or 7) and average out the results and go with that.

THAT is what your body needs to function.

When you eat LESS than that, your body goes into starvation mode.

Meaning when you eat, it hoards it all as fat because it doesn't trust you. It thinks you are going to keep starving it *which you probably are*

Mine is about 1850.

So when I was eating a diet of 1500 calories AND working out, my body was like " let me hoard all this food as fat for you because you are untrustworthy"

This is the part where you ladies who are eating 1200 calories and not losing should listen up.

The way you LOSE is by burning calories. You burn so that your calories in- bmr - burn is negative. get it? Say my bmr is 1850 (which it is roughly) so I eat 1850 - bmr of 1850 - 300 burned from x3, my deficit  is 300! If I have a deficit of 300 every day for a week, 300*7 is 2100 which is less than a lb. make sense? 3500 calories is a lb.

Wow that got mathy

POINT IS you have to eat your BMR. OR your body freaks out.

HENCE why my 21 day fix challengers are dropping MAJOR ELL BEES.

They are FINALLY feeding their body, so it is letting go. Proper nutrition is key. Feed your body and it will let go of the fat it has been hoarding because it doesn't trust you.


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  1. I am like who is the bitch that looks hella fine???? I clicked and it was me! LOL Love you friend!!!! I agree and was telling my Dad this yesterday who has not been eating enough calories!!! YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE! muah

  2. I have been all about protein lately. It's so easy to leave out - and so NECESSARY!

  3. YES YES YES. I messed up my metabolism BIG time. I was never hungry- not because I was in super control of what I put in my mouth, but because my body thought it wasn't going to get any food so it just stopped "complaining". I could go for hours after waking up before a meal. Not good!

    I'm slowly retraining my body to "trust me" by eating small meals every 2-3 hours. I know it will take some time for me to earn my body's trust back, but I trust my program =) I'm eating to fuel my body through my workouts and support it through recovery.

    This is a great reminder!

  4. So very true. I was stuck at 151 for 6 months! I started eating more, and whatdoyouknow I started losing again!

  5. A few years ago I didn't realize that you had to eat to lose. I had no idea what I was doing. Now I eat every two hours to keep my metabolism in check and to feed my body with the intense workouts that I do. I'm so happy that I figured it out!

  6. Loved the mathy part! I am quite mathy myself sometimes. Great info...I can't stand to hear my co-worker say "I just skip dinner every night to keep my weight in check." :-( He is hungry but refuses to eat. I'm eating all the time...small, snacky meals, but I'm eating! Love your blog!!


  7. I'm newer to this blog of yours, but I LOVE it. I love the ADHD (which I have as well), and how you make it work to pull your readers along with you on a topic. Keep up the great work!

  8. I got my 21 day fix box in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to start next week!!

  9. THANK YOU for this post. So many people totally don't get this--I eat all of the activity points that I earn every week and find that if I don't, I will most likely gain or not lose because my body is like Y U NO EATZ FOODZ???? Plus, when you're doing crazy ass workouts all the time, you need that food. I mean for realz. Plus she looks awesome so whatever. Great post!

  10. Ok so how did you figure out the bmr. Because I have a sluggish thyroid and I've been trying to figure it out.
    Please help.

  11. I didn't think about weight loss that way but you've got a good point. I'll go hunting around the google for the bmr calculator, since I don't know where I need to be. Esther Norine Designs


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