Operation Skinny Jeans: 5 things I want so hard

Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 things I want so hard

First off- you guys are AMAZING! If anyone has ever wanted help deciding what was for dinner, check out the comments on yesterday's post! You could eat for a WHOLE YEAR based on those comments alone!

And my giveaway for a Maybook is still going on, so don't forget to check that out. 

And this:
So far there are only 3 people entered, and I am capping it at 10, so your chances are pretty awesome to win. Just sayin :D

So this year, in an attempt to FINALLY get our finances under control, I took over and put us on a budget. So basically that means all the things I used to want (and then buy) I just have to lust over for now. So here is me, lusting.

1. THIS North Face hoodie.
Sports Authority
Ok lets be honest- ANY North Face jacket, but I love this one. I have wanted a North Face FOREVER! But they don't come in my size. The second I can zip one of these things up, I am dropping the dolla bills. I will probably make it rain on the cashier. Fact.

1. This Affirmat
Yes, I have a yoga mat. YES I know this mat is $66. I don't care. I want it. I want it so hard.

3. These.

Girl Scout Cookies
Lets just be honest here. I want all of these in my mouth right now. But I can't do that, so here I am, lusting.

4. Old Navy.

The whole store. Please and thank you.

5. My goal Tattoo

Not this exactly, but I am going to get a rhino on my hip bone area. I want it so bad I can taste it!

What are you lusting after these days? 
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  1. love these. I want a northface too! and I have girl scout cookies coming...why in the world did I order them!?!?!?!?

  2. I'm with ya on the North Face and I may or may not have stuffed my face with 3 Thin Mints last night. Moderation, right?

  3. I wish I could quit Old Navy. that place is awesome!

    Oooh my Lust List is long...in no particular order I want:
    1. Brownie Batter donuts from Dunkin Donuts
    2. A few half marathon race entries
    3. A new running jacket with thumb holes
    4. New running shoes
    5. Dresses! Spring dresses! All the spring dresses!

    Man, I could keep going but I'll cap it at five.

  4. I completely feel ya! I have a bad habit of just buying whatever I want. I've restricted myself big time since Jan, and I'm hoping to continue. I started a notebook with things I like/want/NEED. I will reevaluate when I have lost some weight and decide what I really want the most.

  5. I'm trying hard to avoid buying clothes...I am in the process of losing another 40lbs, so WHY do I want to buy clothes??? It's madness right??

  6. Haha! I sooo dooo this! Mine has a lot of make up and hair dryers on it....Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Lorac Pro Palette, MAC eyeshadow.... so, do tell, what's with you and rhinos? I saw your iron rhino head that you stare at during yoga :-) and now I find out you want a rhino tattoo... don't get me wrong, it's very cool! But just curious about it.

    1. They are just my favorite animal :D I think they are beautiful and strong. I have them all over my house LOL :D

  7. I too am lusting and dying to get my next tattoo but I made it my "prize" for when I get to a certain weight, so sadly I have a ways to go and too long a wait for that one. But some samoas need to find their way to my house circa right now. Oh and a salted caramel hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts would be great too.... can they deliver!?!?! haha

  8. I want all North Face or Columbia jackets. I have a problem. I might have to do a lust post. I also put us on a tiiiiiight budget!

  9. OMG I've been wanting a NF jacket forever!! I'm waiting thought. Once at my goal weight I'm getting one. Other things CRX compression pants. Their suppose to be A-mazing for long distance running but their like super expensive. Yeah no I'll wait on that.

  10. I am lusting over Jamberry nails and The Running Shop skirts. Plus peaches and cream lollies :)

  11. My goal is totally a 1/4 sleeve tattoo! Love that you have a tat as a goal as well. :)

  12. I feel that way about many many stores LOL Particularly NY&Co and White House Black Market!


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