Operation Skinny Jeans: Water Water Water Water Water everywhere!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Water Water Water Water Water everywhere!

I have 99 problems, but drinking enough water is not one of them. However, I know that isn't necessarily the case for the majority of the population, so I thought I would share some tips/tricks!

I drink water throughout the whole day. I have a bottle at my desk, and I sip on it all day long. But that is a habit I have created. Drinking water is all about making it a habit. Once your body gets used to your new level of water intake, it will crave it!

But getting to that point seems like it might take forever! Here are some tips to help increase your water intake!

1. Drink on a schedule.
I love the idea of making marks on a water bottle that encourage you to drink a certain amount every hour. It helps set goals and is a great visual reminder throughout the day!

2. Spice it up.
Not literally... spicy water doesn't sound that delicious. But add some fruit to it! No, that crystal light stuff doesn't technically count. Crystal light is colored chemicals and putting it in your water is, albiet, better than soda, but not much. A great way to add flavor is by adding fruit. I squeeze lemon, lime and sometimes orange juice in my water, or some fresh berries, or an apple. Anything just chillin in there will give your water flavor without all the nasty chemicals. 

I have this one and I love it!

3. Drink it when you are bored. 
If you struggle with bored eating, grab a glass of water instead. Any time you want to eat out of boredom, take a sip. Pretty soon your brain will associate that boredom with drinking water instead of food. Not only will you be drinking more water, you will eat less crap. Boom :D

4. Drink while you eat.
In between bites, or every other bite, take a second and drink some water. Not only will it cleanse your pallet, it will make you feel full faster. Plus it makes you eat slower which helps you feel fuller faster. 

5. Drink first thing. 
Drinking a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning will not only jump start your metabolism, it will get you on the water drinking train first thing! 

So hopefully those tips help you step up your water game. You will notice amazing benefits of drinking more water, like weight loss, clear skin, less hunger, and more energy! 

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  1. As someone with a propensity to develop kidney stones, I cannot recommend this enough to anyone! If you get up in the middle of the night to pee, don't forget to take a sip or two of water before you climb back in bed!!! :)

  2. I love this. I also have a water app on my phone that beeps every hour, to drink more water. Then I can add the cups that I drink over the day, to make sure I'm drinking enough!

    Love the lines on your water bottle! What a good idea!

  3. I kicked my soda habit at the beginning of the year to start drinking more water and my body definitely craves it more now. I know it sounds crazy but you have to find a water bottle that works for you too. If I have water in a cup, I need a straw to drink faster. If I have a water bottle it needs to be the open spout kind. Now that I have what works for me, I'm getting about 48 oz during work. And I definitely agree with the boredom thing. Drink water when you are bored and it saves so many random snack calories.

  4. I also drink a ton of water each day but I love your suggestions. I always guzzle water if I'm feeling super hungry and I am not close to a meal because most of the time it does the trick. I drink a 16oz glass before I leave my house and before I eat dinner and the rest of the day I have a big cup pretty much glued to my hand.

  5. I love my Sigg water bottle. I know exactly how many of them I need to drink to hit my water quota. I also have one of the infuser bottles like you show above. So far my favorite thing to add to it is cucumber, mint and lemon!

  6. Drinking enough water is not a problem of mine, however, always having to pee is! I drink water non-stop and I always have to go to the bathroom!

  7. Another good one I've heard about boredom eating, if your craving to eat unnecessarily is really strong, is to count to one hundred and take a sip after every number and after that, your craving should (hopefully...) be gone!


  8. I read this and realized I didn't finish my second morning bottle of water. So I just did that. Thanks for the reminder! I love the idea of fresh fruit but never think about it when I'm actually drinking my water.

  9. Hi Jess! I have been drinking my water with some lemon in it to get it all down. I also agree about drinking on a schedule. I keep a big 32 oz bottle on my desk at work and my goal is to have it finished before the end of the day. Then when I get home, I fill it up again and make a goal to have it finished before I go to bed. It works like a charm!

  10. I love my water! I have a big sports bottle I fill up a few times a day. Can't get enough.

  11. I add propel and crystal light to my water. I love the flavors and I tend to drink more water that way.

  12. great tips! i need these :)


  13. Jess- do you have an e-mail on here? the link wasn't working....

    anyways I have a special offer for your readers so e-mail at realfoodrunner@gmail.com if you're interested!

    it has to do with this. :)


  14. My friend had one of those water bottles where you add in fruit to give flavor, and she did try one recipe including a jalapeno, for a kick. Do NOT try this at home- no bueno!

  15. Another adder for tasty and refreshing water is cucumber. I had this at a restaurant once, and I found it to be surprisingly tasty. I do great with water at work, where it's just part of my routine and I'm just that girl that walks around with the 32 oz cup of ice water, but I do poorly on the weekends. I need to get a routine down at home, just like at work, because I do crave water on the weekends. Thanks for the tips!

  16. I love the marks on the water bottles, I need to start doing that as I tend to forget and end up guzzling at the end of the day.

  17. 100% yes!! i add liquid chlorophyll in my water for a boost of energy. it's also good for you and i drink it during my workouts.

    i bought a 32oz bottle and aim to fill that up 3 times per day.

    Vodka and Soda

  18. I really need to take fruit with me to work b/c I get so tired of drinking water all day long.


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