Operation Skinny Jeans: The "Recipe for success"...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Recipe for success"...

I was perusing Facebook this weekend when it showed up on my mini feed that a friend of mine liked something. When I am bored enough, I poke around and see what they liked, which lead me to this.

There is a page on facebook (that I am not going to mention by name) that basically called EVERY method of weight loss besides buying a gym membership and eating clean a "scam". This piqued my interest so I read more on her page, and I realized that I completely disagreed with her.

Like I have said before, I have tried a lot of things. A lot of weird, unhealthy things to lose weight. Lets take HCG for an example. I dont think HCG is healthy and I do not recommend it to ANYONE, BUT I know people who have successfully lost weight with it. I didn't, because I can't restrict myself that much, but my best friend lost over 40 lbs with it, and a girl I follow on instagram has lost over 100. Who are you to say that that is a "scam"? Is it healthy? no. Is it possible that they will gain it all back? sure. But that doesn't mean its a scam.

She went on to say that Beachbody DVD workouts are a scam. This blew my mind. Because it is a proven way to workout and lose weight AT HOME and not in a gym, its a scam? I don't get that.

She is a believer in clean eating and good old fashioned gym workouts. I get that. And good for her! But I feel the need to explain something. Clean eating is not a simple concept. It sounds simple, and really the IDEA is simple, but you have to exist in a world where the ENTIRETY of human beings eat only to fuel their bodies. I would be willing to bet that 98% of us eat for other reasons. 1. It tastes good. 2. We are upset. 3. We are bored. 4. They are Girl Scout cookies and they taste freaking delicious thats why!

We don't just eat to fuel. That is a fact.

So the whole concept of "Clean Eating" itself is hard as hell because it changes COMPLETELY how you eat.

Not saying that it isnt worth it, because it definitely is. But for someone addicted to processed foods, it s a really jarring concept. I know this because I was that person. I couldnt imagine what I would eat without boxed or caned foods. That was my life!

And the other thing is I don't think a gym membership is the best idea for everyone. I had a membership to a big boxed gym for about 4 months, and it was a good tool because I knew how to use it. BUT the first time I ever stepped into a gym, I was completely overwhelmed! I didnt know what anything was, or how to use it, or what to do on it! So I got a trainer. But those things arent cheap! For my husband and I, we were shelling out $130 a MONTH for a gym, without a trainer. Then the trainer was $50 an hour ON TOP of that.

My point is, there are other ways to work out that don't involve an expensive gym membership you wont end up using.

And now I am at the end of this rant and I am not even sure I have made my point. Lets recap.

Alternative methods of losing weight are not "Scams".
Clean eating is not as easy as it sounds, so dont judge someone who can't make it work for them.
Gym memberships are hella expensive and NOT the only way to exercise (and often not even the BEST way to exercise for a beginner.)


Side note. I just want to talk about something for a second. I have been drinking Shakeology for a month so I feel like I should update you on what I think. I have tried lots of different protein powders, but this one really is different. Not only does it keep me full until lunch, it cuts down on muscle soreness, has completely regulated my digestive system (remember this post! GONE.) AND it has cleared up my skin. So many people commented that I have such clear skin and I am so happy to hear you say that because I am a normally pimply girl. I haven't changed my skincare regime, just my vitamin intake through Shakeology. I know a lot of people don't think it will work for them, so they dont even want to try it (and I was one of them). BUT after a month of drinking it, I can tell you I feel great. I can't even explain it.

And I want to share this wealth. That is why I am doing a super cool Shakeology Challenge.  It will start February 3rd and all you have to do is drink Shakeology for 30 days. No workout, no special meal plan, just replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for 30 days. The winner (decided by a point system) will win a Ruffles with Love tank top (of your choice) AND a set of Sol Republic Headphones (worth $79.99). So $100 in prizes.

Are you ready to fix your digestive problems, start eating cleaner, and get better nutrition? Think you can replace one meal a day with Shakeology? Wanna win those awesome prizes? Cause I sure as heck do.

Join the challenge here.
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  1. How much is a month supply of shakeology, for one shake a day?

  2. I was about to blog about this the other day but I was so mad about it.. that I just couldn't.. Here is the deal.... Anything you try will work, notice all the "diet pills' come with an eating clean book. I mean there are a lot of fakes and scams but.. Beachbody isn't one of them. I know Shakeology has changed my life, and helped me medically a few diff tmi ways c: I am now doing T25 and love it. I have been a coach for about a year, Not because I am making bookoos of $ but because I believe in the system.. and can I just say one more thing........ Eating clean is the right way to go..... very correct.. but to say your not drinking any protein shakes and not looking back on post when you basically tell them what isle to look at in GNC..... is a lie.... *stepping off soap box*

  3. I cant believe some people think that eating clean and going to the gym is the only way to loose weight and everything else is a scam?!?! There are SOOOOOO many different ways to loose weight and it is about finding the right way for you. Yes, that is going to involve eating healthy and getting exercise in....but you don't have to spend $$$ at the gym to exercise. There is the open road for running and proven work out DVD's that give great results. I myself am a huge T25 fan. Eating clean is very healthy and great, but it isn't practical 100% of the time. I can understand your rant. How frustrating! I am also now intrigued about Shakeology. I might look in to it a little more, though the price tag scares me.

  4. I totally agree about Shakeology being amazing. It gives me so much more energy and I just feel "better". I don't drink Shakeology every single day (usually 3-4x a week) and I can tell the days that I didn't have it. It's also great when you're craving chocolate and can mix up a healthy shake to squash that craving. The price is quite high, but I have yet to try something that works as well and I'm investing in my health-- even my 7 year old LOVES it!

    1. I do the same thing. If I want something sweet, I make a shake. :D

  5. That person is crazy. I have lost over 50 pounds and kept it off for years just be eating right and working out. The last 10 pounds was from doing the Insanity workout program. I didn't change my diet at all but I still lost weight just from doing the workouts. I have never used a gym and I get compliments on how toned my arms are all the time. I can't imagine going through life that close minded and judgmental. It's just stupid considering there are MANY people, including myself, that have been successful doing these "scams".

  6. The thing is, people talk about not being able to eat cleanly....but haven't given it a true attempt. I don't mean a day or two, 'oh this is so hard' kind of attempt. I mean a week to 30 days. Because I don't know a single soul who has gone grain free and sugar free for 30 days and don't rave about it. And wonder why the heck they waited so long. It's the putting the toes just outside the box that hangs up most people. It's so outside their comfort zone they cannot fathom that it can actually work and actually be easy. I don't call other methods a scam, I just call a spade a spade and say moderation doesn't work for most people. For a few months? Sure. Maybe. But it's just plain science that grains and sugar change the brain chemistry and create cravings every.time.eaten. Period.

    Just throwing out my experiences and observations, over decades of being at this all...

  7. Can anyone join the challenge? I've got a brand new bag of Shakeology ready to go :) Finishing up a Whole 30 challenge this month. Eating clean is no joke! :)

    1. Nice job! Do you already have a coach? It's just for new people, or people who don't already have a coach.

      However you should definitely drink that bag and let me know how you like it!


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