Operation Skinny Jeans: The First Step

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The First Step

Getting to a place of self love takes time. You aren't going to wake up one day after years of self loathing and self body shaming and look at your self and the mirror and say "Oh hai there sexy thing! Where have you been?". It just isn't going to happen.

And the idea of completely abandoning the thoughts of hate you have toward your body, thoughts that have been with you for YEARS is scary. There is a weird sense of security in those thoughts. A weird sense of safety. You can be that girl. The fat girl. The girl no one talks to or hits on or wants anything to do with. You know that girl well, and letting her go is scary.

But it's worth it.

Because you know who is just beneath that girl? It's the strong, confident woman. Yep. She is just sitting in there, dormant, waiting to be awoken. Waiting for that girl to realize she is inside there and let her out. She is that voice in your head telling you can be anything, GO anywhere! She is that little voice of doubt in your mind when you tell yourself again, that you cant. 

But like I said, setting her free isn't easy. And it takes time, like all things worth doing do. But that's where I come in.

I was, not even that long ago, that girl. But unlike you, I had to go at this alone. I didn't have anyone to help me through this intensely life altering realization. And it was scary. Shit it IS scary, but it's also worth it.

And I am going to share with you the first step.

When you have a minute to yourself, find a mirror, and look at yourself. It's cheesy as hell but do it. Look into your eyes (you don't even have to be naked) and say the words "I forgive you."

I forgive you.

That's it.

Forgive yourself for the things you have done in your past. Forgive your body for it's imperfections. Forgive your mind for HATING yourself so much. Think of all those things that have held you back, anything anyone has ever said to you, about you, behind your back, anything and forgive. And most importantly, think of all the things YOU have ever thought negatively about yourself, your worth, your body, everything, and forgive.

I know it sounds cheesy, but as soon as you can forgive yourself for the abuse you have put yourself through and forgive the people who have gotten you there, you can start to really change the way you feel and therefore see yourself.

Because inside of that girl, the one you are hiding behind, is your true self. The confident, sexy, ambitious woman you really are.

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  1. HOLY SHIT. You are amazing! PS I just can't get over your boobies. ;) xoxo

  2. If I could decorate a t-shirt with puffy paint and mail it to you it would just have one giant heart on it. I puffy heart this post!

  3. Ahhhhhhmazing :) So true :) :) :) Preach it girrrlfriend!

  4. I love this, like really really love it. Self hating is something that I have experienced, especially recently, and blogged about yesterday. So true!

  5. Thanks for making me tear up! This is so relevant. Thank you!!!

  6. Forgiving EVERYONE is key to mental health. Great post!

  7. Love, love, love this. Thank you!

  8. You're talking to me! What if I'm not ready yet? I seriously get anxiety thinking about forgiving and forgetting that girl. Ugh...issues...obviously.

  9. love it!! it really struck a cord with me - thank you!

  10. whoa! this gave me goosebumps. Such a great post Jess!!!


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