Operation Skinny Jeans: Random thoughts

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random thoughts

I have been hit with a case of writers block, so it's time for Random Thoughts with Jess :D

Sometimes I feel like I talk in Pinterest Inspirational Quotes...

When I do, it makes me want to barf. Who am I??

Some mornings I wake up and I want nothing more than to feel my feet against the pavement and the wind in my hair.

And some mornings I wake up and I want nothing more than chocolate cake. A whole one. Matilda style.

I think my favorite movie is Mean Girls because I am fascinated by women being truly mean to each other. Its not a bone I have in my body. 

I know my other favorite movie is Meet the Robinsons because of Tiny. 

I get annoyed by most "Fitspo".

I used to hate push ups, but now I love them because they make me feel like a beast.

I want to develop my strength, and maybe participate in weight lifting competitions (way down the line). In high school I took a weight lifting class and I loved it.

I love the Biggest Loser, and I always wanted Jillian as my trainer. But now I want Bob.

I am attached to my iPhone. This isn't even an exaggeration.

Pusheen is my spirit animal. Right now in my life, specifically Pusheenicorn.

I am totally awkward in social situations around people I don't know. I hope that if I met any of you, I would be able to keep it cool, but I couldn't guarantee it. Side note: I am going to be in Austin Texas this weekend if anyone wants to go running with me on Saturday or Sunday morning. :D

Having random thoughts? Do you have a spirit animal? Share! 

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  1. I think everyone can be a little mean to other women sometimes.

  2. That iPhone card completely applies to me as well. It might as well be glued to me at all times. Sad, kinda.

  3. You are so funny! Thanks for the chuckles!

  4. haha! Too funny, a pusheenicorn?

    darnit, I'm in Austin and would have joined you but will be in SA this weekend! Speaking of, I need to map out a 4miler around that area!

  5. Eating chocolate cake matilda style made me laugh out loud!!

  6. I'm not a cake person but I could plow through a loaf of french bread on my own. Le sigh.
    Hi! I went on a rabbit hold of finding fitness/worky outy kind of blogs and found yours. So hello. From previous posts I jsut want to say you look FABULOUS in your fancy dress picture!

  7. I'm not a chocolate person but if you put a bag of Doritos in front of me? Bad news. I'm the same with my iPhone. My husband refers to it as my 2nd husband. :)

  8. Random thoughts are always a great thing when the writers block hits! Starting a new journey to weight loss and I will be checking out your blog! You look like you have done really good! I am giving away a Starbucks Verismo Brewer on my blog. I would love if you would check it out. http://thediaryofarealhousewife.blogspot.com/


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