Operation Skinny Jeans: My story, and a boot camp!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My story, and a boot camp!

Couple things. 1. I am holding a 3 week Healthy Habits Boot Camp starting Monday the 20th! It is completely free, and a secret (will be) group on facebook where you can share a habit you are trying to create, with daily accountability! There might even be a prize involved ;)

If you wanna join, check it out here! 

2. So if you follow me on Facebook, you saw the article I shared from Literally, Darling. I love to write, and when I came across their magazine and saw you could submit articles, I jumped right on that. I have submitted 3 articles and all have been published, which feels awesome. The latest one was kind of a surprise. It was the first one I wrote, and it was not an easy one to write.

I was still upset over the whole "lady calling her daughter fat at the choir concert" thing so I decided to tell my story as to why that affected me so much. I got an email the other day letting me know it had been published. I was excited and nervous because it is a hard thing to talk about. But I am glad I wrote it.

So now I am sharing it with you all. (click on the picture below to read it)

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  1. I love love love your plan. I also am COMPLETELY fed up with the counting and the diets. I have successfully lost weight in the past but none of those plans has been sustainable for me. I am not focusing so much on the "how" any more and just focusing on the "what". Eating good, clean, healthy food...exercising on a regular basis...etc. I haven't seen great progress on the scale and that is frustrating but I am sticking with it and seeing where it takes me. I am so glad to read that others are doing this too. Good luck in your journey!

  2. I just found your blog, and I can't stop reading! Your story is so inspiring, and I love that you found your motivation within yourself (not in magazines, or tv shows, or in old pictures, or in other people!) Also, the fact that woman called her daughter fat in front of other people is appalling. Good for you for writing about it - hopefully it will teach more people to think before they speak!

  3. I am traveling and can't access everything right now, will for sure be joining your secret group and am reading your article now!!


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