Operation Skinny Jeans: How that whole "Half Marathon Training" thing is going

Monday, January 13, 2014

How that whole "Half Marathon Training" thing is going

As you might remember, I committed to running a half marathon in August. Since then I have upped my running game and I thought I would update you all on that :D

First, I wanna say, in Colorado in December and January, it's fuckin cold. And for some reason, it ALWAYS snows the night before my long run. So I have had to battle the elements a little bit. But I think it will be good practice :D

As far as following the C25K plan, predictably I am not anymore. 1. I hate the dreadmill. I stopped running on it. I love to run outside and I hated it every time I was forced to run on the damn thing. 2. I get SO BORED. Back to the dreadmill thing, but I get bored running like that. I would rather follow my plan, which is run for as long as I can, walk as long as I need to, then run some more. It's working out. I am shaving at least a minute off my long run (3 miles right now) every week.

I have some running buddies, which makes a HUGE difference! My friend Nicole is running the half with me, and my friend Jenny is just along for the ride. She doesn't like the idea of running 13 miles yet, but maybe we can convert her as we start running longer distances.

My goal is to start running short runs during the week now that I will be getting home before dark. I think that will make a big difference in my long runs too. I also want to up our Sunday mileage to 4 miles. That seems SO FAR, but it's only another mile. I guess it really is all in your head.

I am excited to add regular runs into my P90X3 routine. I love running, and my week day ones will only be about a mile, so it will be a nice little cardio addition.

So yep! Any of you training for a half? Any advise? A friend of mine just did the Dopey Challenge at Disney, which is a 5K Thursday, a 10K Friday, a Half on Saturday and a Full on Sunday. He is kinda my hero. I am gonna ask him today if he wants to write about it for me because I would LOVE to hear how he trained and how it went and all that jazz. So fingers crossed for that! I can't imagine running a full the day after a half! HOLY SHIT.

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  1. That Dopey Challenge is crazy!! I think you're definitely doing the right things for your own half marathon training. Building up gradually is the best way to prepare while avoiding injuries and burnout. And that's awesome you're able to shave time off every run!!

  2. I know your feelings on the cold. It's equally as cold here in Canada and I'm just dreading going outside. I've convinced my husband to run it with me, so I'm hoping he can keep me on track when I start running outside, especially during the longer runs. :)

  3. Hey Jess! I've been following this half marathon training plan: http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2013/09/training-tips/couch-to-half-marathon-training-plan_15065/3 --- I'm not a good runner, so it has helped me ease into the training. You might like this as it has short runs planned through the week, using walking AND jogging. I'm blogging about my progress, too, at www.newlywedgreggs.wordpress.com .

  4. Omg, that Dopey Challenge sounds intense and ridiculous. I would love to see a post about that! Also, keep updating us about your training! I'm not motivated enough to brave the elements just yet, so I'm waiting until about March to try to start running again. I would love to keep hearing your tips/advice/general training in the meantime!

  5. I did Princess as my first last year with my husband mom and friend. I am doing tink and princess this year!!

  6. You are gonna rock that half! Running mine in May and it's time for me to get fucking serious!!!! BALLZ.

  7. Wow on the Dopey challenge! I would love to hear about THAT! I'm training for a half in March, and some days I feel as though I got down. Other days I question why I signed up. Good luck! You CAN do it!

  8. There were several people in a group I belong to that did the Dopey Challenge. So crazy and awesome! Great job on your runs. Few things feel better than docking time off a run, to me.

    I hear ya on the cold. So hard to get motivated to run outside in Laramie too. Heck, getting dressed for a winter run is a workout in itself! ;)

  9. Good for you girl! I did my first half last May and i remember every time I upped my mileage I was like "that's sooo far!" But I did it and it was so worth it crossin that finish line! This year I'm really bitin off a lot and training for my first marathon, yikes! I'd love to hear about your friends Dopey experience though, I give major props to anyone who can accomplish something like that.

  10. What half did you sign up for? My husband ran the Dopey this weekend (without training) and can barely walk today. He's crazy. It's even crazier to think 7 thousand people paid $500 to do the same! The most I've ever done is a half and that's enough for me but more to those Dopey folks :) good luck on your training and soon your 4 mile long runs will become your short runs, it gets easier :)

  11. That Disney challenge sounds intense! My goal this year is to run more 5k than I did last year. I'm not sure I'm into running father than that!

  12. You can do it!!! And once you've done the 4 miles a few times, it'll seem like nothing! I actually just ran the Disney Full marathon and it was my first full after doing 4 of the Disney half marathons. I just posted my recap on my blog and after reading this I think you'll really appreciate it!
    Its a crazy journey but you will feel incredible when you cross your finish line!!!
    Keep kicking asphalt!!! :)


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