Operation Skinny Jeans: Goals

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Something I was really good about last year was setting goals. I didn't meet all of them, but I think goals are REALLY important in this process and here's why.

When I started, I had about 145lbs to lose. That is a ton of weight. That is a whole person. It is also obscenely overwhelming. Thinking of trying to lose that amount of weight not only made my head spin, it made me feel like I couldn't do it. So I broke it up into smaller goals.

I only look at 10 lbs at a time. I can handle 10 lbs. It isn't a scary number and it's easier to plan for. I can set an effective plan to lose 10 lbs, where my long term plan to lose 145 is always changing. Now that I have only 95ish lbs left to go (I don't have a goal weight anymore...) I still get overwhelmed, and have to break that down. So here are some ways that I set goals that are both attainable, but challenging, and time constrictive.

1. Pick a thing. Be specific. It could be a number, (weight, pant size, miles run, anything) or an event, or anything really. It just needs to be specific.
2. Pick a date. A goal without a date is just a dream. Dates will help you plan, and give you a time frame to work off of. Pick a date that is attainable, and move it up a week. Challenge yourself a little.
3. Make a plan! You can pick a thing and a date, but without a plan, nothing's gonna happen.

Now that the pressure of "New Year's Resolutions" is over, it's time to start setting goals and making plans!

How do you set goals? What are your goals for January?

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  1. I love specific goals too - that way I can't fudge it and say well I was close enough to meeting it.

  2. I love the thought of breaking it down like that. Might just be the thing that will get me to my goal!

  3. I think being specific is so crucial, and I have decided that i will ACTUALLY make a specific small, short term goal for myself instead of the illusive "I want to lose 50 pounds sometime but preferably now" haha

  4. Definitely important! I haven't really set any goals this year, this post has inspired me to set some!

  5. Hi Jess! I wanted to shoot you an email address, but your email link wasn't working for me! What is your email address?

  6. Great way of looking at it. I think I need to start doing the same. I do track my calories and I do need to watch my carbs but I get far too obsessed with the number. I may need to set myself some similar goals. Thanks!


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