Operation Skinny Jeans: You wouldn't like me when I'm Hangry.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You wouldn't like me when I'm Hangry.

I eat all.the.time. Before I embarked on this epic quest (think LOTR type of thing. LOTS of walking) of losing weight, I wouldn't eat breakfast, eat a small lunch, and eat ALL.THE.THINGS for dinner. No wonder I wasn't losing weight! My metabolism SUCKED!

So one of the switches I have made is eating something about every two hours. Yes, that is a lot. But when I don't, I get irritable and easily upset, and, well, Hangry. I find myself apologizing all the time for things I have said out of hanger.

So to avoid feeling hangry and going Full Hulk on my husband, I try to eat every 2 hours. Now I don't eat a full meal every two hours, but I eat something.

For example:

6:30am- Protein Shake (for right now. Will be Shakeology when I get it)
8:30am- Coffee, Hard boiled eggs, a grain like toast and a fruit.
10:30am- Another fruit to keep me going. I like Grapes. I sometimes add cheese.
12:30pm- Lunch! This is my biggest meal of the day. I will have a big chicken salad, or lettuce wraps, or leftover dinner from the night before.
2:30pm- Veggies! Edamame, cucumbers, etc.
4:30pm- (on my way home from work) I will snack on fruits or veggies again. Something I can eat while driving.
6:30pm- Dinner! Usually small, with a Protein, Veggie and starch.

That's it! I know it seems like a lot but it keeps my motor going, and keeps me from getting hangry,

Now you should know this but just to be sure, I am NOT a dietitian or nutritionist or expert of any kind. This is when and roughly what I eat. In case you were curious. Or having hangry problems.

What about you?

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  1. I definitely have hangry problems, as well as a likelihood of overeating when I'm super hungry. I've started trying to eat a fruit on the way home from work, so I don't overeat at supper, but personally, my biggest meal is always supper. I eat light during the day and enjoy my supper. No eating after 8pm though! :)

  2. I think that list is pretty good. I have been doing the hard boiled eggs thing for breakfast and I'm surprised at how full it keeps me. I try to eat a little something every 2-3 hours too. It is hard to not eat a bigger meal at dinner because you are at home and there is more food plus that is how we have always done things.

  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing what you eat! I definitely understand the hangry thing... plus, I just feel better when I eat more often. This also helps with my incredible insatiable sweet tooth. ;) I am going to try to hard boil a bunch of eggs for snacks. That seems like a great idea. I do also tend to let myself have a small dessert after dinner... not every night, but most. I just... love dessert too much. Life is short.

  4. I get totally crazy and b*tchy when I'm hungry! lol I'm so with you on eating every 2 hours.

    PS- I followed that link you sent me but I already had those boxed checked out, so I'm stilll trying to figure out how to get rid of the no reply blogger status

  5. Eating like that always helps me immensely. When I get super hungry I make poor choices. Avoiding the hunger pains keeps my mind on track!

  6. This is PRECISELY my problem. I don't eat breakfast or lunch, I have a normal dinner, and then 8pm or so BAM. Binge. Then guilt etc. My nutritionist has told me over and over to eat more EARLY in the day because thats when you need more energy, not right before your body shuts down for roughly 8 hours! But the eating disorder voice in my head keeps telling me it is too risky to eat lunch, breakfast is ok but it has to be under 150 calories. How can I change my habits because I know what I'm doing is wrong, I'm just mentally too scared! Any suggestions?

  7. Totally understand the hangry! I would like to eat smaller meals more often, but my job doesn't allow me to do so. Boo for being an adult.

    Thanks for your blog, it keeps me going!

  8. I was curious!!! Thanks! --Eves

  9. I have to eat every couple hours or I'm the same way. I also have to eat breakfast or else it's all over for the day. I try to snack on fruits and veggies or pumpkin seeds. Maybe some raw cheese. Basically anything that doesn't contain lots of sugar or carbs.


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