Operation Skinny Jeans: Winter Running Gear

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Running Gear

I don't know if it has been on the news globally or not, but it is hella cold in Colorado right now. Like evening temps of double digit negatives and daytime temps in the singles. So cold. But I still have long runs to get in to stay on track for my half marathon training, which means some layers for running.

The key is really layering. I wear a tank top (not pictured) under a zip up athletic shirt. Over that I wear a zip of fleece jacket for warmth. I definitely am wearing compression pants from Old Navy, which I LOVE, and warm squishy socks so your toes don't freeze off. Last but not least, protect those ears! A hat or ear muffs are always a good idea!

Short and sweet today- how do you stay warm while running in the winter time? And where can I find athletic compression-y fleece lined leggings for ladies that are not quite plus size anymore, but not tiny either?

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  1. You are a trooper...I hate the cold! You actually get out and run in that?!?!? It's always a struggle between staying warm and not being too hot once I start running. I love Old Navy's workout clothes and they are always having a sale.

  2. Pretty sure I got frostbite on my right foot from my long run on Saturday. I'm in Toronto, and it's hella cold here too :(

    I'm not one for the treadmill, but it can't be helped for tonight...I just can't run in this tonight, my foot is still burning..*says the girl who signed up for a half marathon in January called the HYPOTHERMIC**

  3. You're my girl. Lol. I'm in WI and it's hella cold here as well. I usually wear my compression socks, then compression tights, and then yogas over that. It's layers but once I get moving I stay warm and my legs aren't frostbitten by the time I get back. Good luck girl and proud of you for braving the cold.

  4. I haven't ventured out because of the cold! I've lived in CO for the last 3 years and it has never been this cold. Me no likey! :)
    Thanks for sharing these options!

  5. The winter (for me) weather has messed up my training schedule. It's so hard to get up early when it's cold out and it's too dark when I get home from work to safely run outside. I have a pair of fleece lined capris from Target, the C9 brand, that I bought last year. They keep me pretty warm.

  6. I love your blog. I'm 5'2" and super chubz. I have been wanting to run for EVER. Your story really really inspires me because we are very similar (in my humble opinion) in a lot of ways. Can you post a pic of you in your running gear for winter??? Do you use any Yak Traks or things along those lines for not slipping on ice?? --Eves


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