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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


If there is one thing I have learned about going through this process, it is that support is so important. I really believe that support can be the reason you fail or succeed at this whole life changing thing. Making a commitment to changing your body and entire life is not easy, and doing it without people around you holding you up, it can be impossible.

I am infinitely thankful for the support that I have. It really has been paramount in my success. My husband is by my side, encouraging me to make better decisions while eating and sometimes literally pushing me out of bed so I dont skip a morning workout. My in laws are the most loving and supportive parents I could ever ask for. I know that they would do literally anything to make me successful, including making healthier food when I am around. And keeping me away from bread. My amazing cousin Kristen is amazing. I can't even use real words to describe what she has meant to me. My Aunts and Uncles and Grandma always send words of encouragement my way and make me feel like a million bucks. My friends dont pressure me to make bad choices, and then there are you.

You guys are amazeballs.

I dont think I would be 50 lbs down without you. Every like or comment or email I get keeps me going. I dont want to let you down, so I keep going. Your support means so so so much to me and I can't even describe in words what you mean to me.

As you probably know, I am training to run a half marathon. A friend of mine messaged me after I announced it and asked if she could run it with me. I was ecstatic  to have someone by my side, and pushing me along the way. Through her I have gotten to know her husband a little bit, and he has also gone through his own journey. We were talking about the half marathon and he told me that the day of the race his family would be out there with bells on, signs and shirts and all, cheering us on. That they were so proud of both of us, and I got weepy. (I get weepy a lot...) (I am weepy typing this...) I cant even describe what it felt like to know that there will be people cheering for us at the finish line. I figured I would bring my husband, but it didn't cross my mind that she would be bringing a bunch of people! Knowing that all those people are there for me, encouraging me, means so much.

So before I ruin the key board with my tears, I am going to leave you with this. If you are struggling, find support. Write a blog. Connect with someone else on this journey. Email ME! I promise I care so much about you and what you are going through and I really want to help you. It is the least I can do with everything you have done for me in the last year.

So thank you.

Weepy girl - out :D

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  1. I love your passion, even if you are weepy :p

    We all need support, and I personally need accountability. It's why I blog and why I have made my weight loss so public. I too am so excited about my half, let's do this!!!

  2. I am always here to support you! I need monies because I would come do the race with you!

  3. I'm weepy too and got weepy at your post! I think you are amazing and glad that you have all that support because you deserve it! With all of the encouragement you give everyone, it is great to hear that you are getting encouragement as well.

  4. I agree completely. I was stuck in a weight-loss rut and started blogging to hold myself accountable and push myself harder. It really has helped to put it all out there.

    So awesome for your support system! Having people cheer you on everyday and share joy in your successes is a fantastic thing.

  5. I'd love to be there to cheer you on also!! :) I think you are fantastic running a 1/2 marathon!

  6. that's so amazing. i cannot wait to read that blog post!!! and more about your training. your weight loss and fitness successes really motivate me. --Eves

  7. You're right, we all definitely need support. I just wish my in-laws were as great at that as yours. They only eat processed crap and purposely make sweets when we're around!

  8. I TOTALLY agree... I have found all of my support through my blog! You've done amazing!

  9. You have such a kind heart and are so genuine. I love that you encourage people to contact you.

  10. You rock Jess! I am starting to train for a half also, and I'm in Denver...sooooooooo? ;)

  11. Crying right along with you!! This journey is not easy and I know I would have quit long ago without support!! Thanks for continuing to be a source of support for me!! Keep up your amazing hard work!! 😊💪😊💪

  12. It is SO important to have that support and I think its incredibly that you have been so public with your journey and just have so many people you don't even know from all over the world cheering you on. And your family and friends sounds really great. I'm really glad that you have that, and definitely be really grateful for that. I personally don't have any support on my journey (ok journeys, possibly taking on too much at once? haha) but its especially hard for me with weight loss. My family comments on every bite of food I take, I am constantly being asked if I've worked out for the day. And the one time I felt my parents were proud of me was at a time that I was truly miserable and having to exercise hours a day. That is not how things should be! So that's why I follow people like you and I follow your stories. Because our stories may be different, but we have similar struggles, and that's the best support I have for now :-)


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