Operation Skinny Jeans: So your co-workers are jerks

Thursday, December 12, 2013

So your co-workers are jerks

lol kidding, kinda. They just brought in ANOTHER tray of cookies from their various cookie exchanges, and you feel obligated to take one. What are you going to do?

First- breathe. This is not an emergency situation. There is no need to panic. You are in complete control of this situation.

Go. Join your friends. Admire the cookies. Take one. Pick on you don't like. Psh yeah right! Who doesnt like ALL kinds of cookies! Take one you dont LOVE then.

Thank your co-worker.

Sit down.

Let the cookie sit on your desk. Yes it is staring at you. Yes you WANT to eat it. But you are stronger than the cookie. You are the one in control in this relationship.

After about 30 minutes pass, throw it away. Just plop it into the trash can under your desk.

Then breathe.

Take a sip of water.

Rejoice in your victory, and STOP THINKING ABOUT THE COOKIE.

Yes it is right there. Yes you COULD technically grab it and eat it. But you arent going to. Because you are in control. You don't actually WANT the cookie.

Discretely give yourself a high five under your desk. Discretion is best because people will look at you like you are crazy if they see it. I know this from experience.

*Note: You could always eat the cookie if you feel like you are in control enough to not casually walk by and stuff 4 more in your pocket on the way to the bathroom where you proceed to shove them in your mouth while silently weeping.

You can make it through the next couple weeks. I promise.

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  1. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. I made cupcakes. The recipe made a lot. I brought half to work, she took some to friends, and I have managed to resist. So far, so good! Victory is mine! And my P90X3 has shipped. Winning all around.

  2. I do this, too! But when it goes in the garbage I have to put hand sanitizer on so I don't grab it out out of being desperate!

  3. Agreed co-workers are jerks! We always have doughnuts on Fridays, I know its coming every Friday, but what'd they do this week?! They brought them in on Wednesday too!!!!! gah!!!! I stayed away from them though and drink my water!

  4. Earlier this week, my co-worker/friend brought me a half of a chocolate iced donut and half of a sausage roll. As soon as she left my cube, I threw them both in the trash. Not that I ever wanted to eat it, but I could smell that damn donut all day long in my trash under my desk! HAHAHA!

  5. Don't even take one. Politely decline. It's really rude to take it and throw it in the trash. Bring in healthy snacks and distribute instead.

  6. Today I had a cookie in a napkin and crumbled it up into the trash. Taking my frustration out on the cookie felt mighty good!


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