Operation Skinny Jeans: Great things come in 3's!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Great things come in 3's!

SO! Today is FINALLY the day! I got my Christmas bonus so I am officially a Beachbody Coach! What does that mean exactly? Well I will be leading a P90X3 challenge group with 90 days of accountability, meal plans, 30 minute workouts and more support than a wonder bra! The challenge group is $180 which includes all that PLUS a month of Shakeology! If you don't already know, Shakeology is the best meal replacement shake on the market! It is so much more than just protein powder, with tons of super foods and antioxidants! It is the healthiest meal of the day :D I have been told ALL of them are yummy, but Chocolate is a really good one to try first!

If you are thinking about doing it, might I suggest becoming a coach while you do! You still get to be in the challenge group, so not only will you get all the workout accountability, I will help you build your business and how to run your OWN challenge groups! It costs the same, $180 AND you get a 25% discount off ALL products (DVDs and Shakeology included!). There is a $15 a month fee for your sales websites, but if you save $30 on Shakeology every month, you already make double that back! If you want more info on the perks and such, shoot me an email at Email or FB message :D

 I am so excited to start the program on January 1st! If you want to get involved, go here to buy the challenge pack!

Next! I don't love to talk about views on my blog. I think it's like bragging. BUT I don't care today because I hit a mind-blowing milestone (that has a 3 in it. Get it! P90X3)

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for looking at my little corner 300K times in the last year! I can not even tell you how honored I am! I can't wait to see where we go in the next year!

And #3 is my Half Marathon training is going great! I had a request for an update so here I am! I have kinda bailed on C25K. I am terrible I KNOW! BUT my long runs have been going great, getting faster every time. This weekend I am going to up our run to 4 miles! I am excited to push myself since the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

So those are the awesome things happening in my life :D

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  1. So proud of you per usual love bug!!!!! PS BRAG AWAY!

  2. I am truly fascinated by your evolution as a runner. I read a lot of blogs by people who have lost weight and are now marathon runners and run a zillion miles each week...but then you're really hearing about it after the fact. It's so cool to watch it all happen with you. From you running your first mile to now FOUR miles....to train for a HALF! wow. --Eves

  3. That is so awesome! Keep up the good work!

    xo & now following


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