Operation Skinny Jeans: Diet Bet After, and guess what! ANOTHER Diet Bet!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Diet Bet After, and guess what! ANOTHER Diet Bet!

I'm Back!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! Santa was very good to me and I got a Polar FT4 that I am in LOVE with! I also got a gift card that I used to get some new running shoes! I used them yesterday and I LOVE them!

So over the holiday season, Ash from A Step in the Right Direction and I hosted a holiday Diet Bet! It ended on Christmas Day and I can't wait to share my results!

My the skin of my damn teeth, I made it. It was HARD! The holidays are hard. And holy shit am I glad they are over! I am so ready to start P90X3 today and that all that nonsense is over!

So to recap, here are my results from our Holiday Diet Bet!

I lost 10.1 lbs over the holidays, and I am very proud of that! Please excuse my oddly blue thighs haha. My jeans turn my legs blue for some reason haha. It comes off when I shower, but I was wearing jeans before these after pics!

Measurement change:

Starting/ Ending

Bust- 45.5 in/ 45 in (-.5)
Waist- 41.5 in/ 40.5 in (-1)
Hips- 49.5 in/ 47 in (-2.5!!!)
Thigh- 28 in/ 28 in (-0)
Arm- 15 in/ 15 in (-0 but I have a bicep muscle now!)

And because Ash and I are on a roll with these things, we are BACK with another Diet Bet! Woo!

If you want some extra accountability to your goals for the New Year, we can help! Join our Diet Bet for lots of accountability and the chance to profit off your weight loss!


So today marks the first day of P90X3! I am so excited to get started and really see a change! I started drinking Shakeology over the weekend and I really do love it. I have tried SO MANY different protein shakes, but this is so much more.

So stay tuned for that.

And stay tuned for an amazing giveaway I can't wait for on Wednesday. You won't want to miss it! It will kick your New Year off right!!

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  1. Congrats on the the loss!! How did you manage to lose over the holidays? I am impressed. I am so excited for 2014 and having a fresh start.

  2. Good for you! You are such an inspiration! Can't wait to see what the new year holds for you!

  3. Wonderful loss especially during December! That is really impressive! Way to go! Can't wait to see your progress in the coming year!

  4. YOU ARE ON FIYAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am so stinking proud of you I can barely handle it...

  5. Congrats on winning the bet! You can totally tell a difference in your photos too :-)

  6. Congrats!! Thats awesome for anytime, not to mention the holidays!

  7. Girl, you are amazing! You can see the difference in the pictures! My husband and I signed up for your January Dietbet.

  8. You my love, are amazing. End of story.

  9. You my love, are amazing. End of story.

  10. you LOST over the holidays..that is amaze-balls! Well done!!!

  11. HOLY CRAP!!! Congratulations!!! That's so inspiring!

  12. 10 pounds over the holidays? You rock!

  13. That's awesome! You're looking great!

  14. Great job! Keep up the good work :) I cant wait to get started myself!


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