Operation Skinny Jeans: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Goals!

Oh man guys. I am so excited, I have TWO amazing giveaways for you tomorrow! TWO!!! I can't even contain myself.
Holy crap guys. This year is OVER. I can't even believe it.

Last year I set 36 in 365 goals, and looking back over them, I was a little overly ambitious lol. Here they are.
  1. Lose 25 lbs 
  2. Lose 50 lbs (235)
  3. Lose 75 lbs (210)
  4. Get into "one"derland! (199, duh)
  5. Lose 100 lbs (185)
  6. Lose 125 lbs (160)
  7. Hit my goal of 130!
  8. Do a 5K 
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Run a 5K in under 45 min
  11. Run a 5K in under 35 min
  12. Wake up early to work out, just once.
  13. Take a Yoga class
  14. Take a Kickboxing class
  15. Take a Spin class
  16. Take a Zumba class 
  17. Complete the "Commit to Fit" Weight loss challenge  
  18. Go to the gym 5 days a week for a month. 
  19. Run a mile
  20. Run a mile in under 10 min
  21. Do 10 push-ups (real ones.)
  22. Climb 10 flights of stairs
  23. Go on a hike
  24. Buy a Bike
  25. Learn how to swim (yeah yeah, I know)
  26. Get a physical and have my bloodsugar and cholesterol tested.
  27. Wear a size 18
  28. Wear a "normal" size (16)
  29. Get rid of all my "fat"clothes
  30. Buy a pair of Skinny Jeans 
  31. Buy a pair of normal width boots!
  32. Get into single digit sizes
  33. Become a success story
  34. Get pregnant
  35. Buy a new swim suit
  36. Wear a Bikini
16/36 isnt too bad..... I had my eye in the sky last year and set some insanely ambitious goals. BUT I did meet some of them. This year will be better. For both goal setting and goal achievement!

2014 36 in 356! 

  1. Lose 75 lbs (210)
  2. Get into "one"derland! (199, duh)
  3. Lose 100 lbs (185)
  4. Lose 125 lbs (160)
  5. Hit my goal of 130! (This year I have a plan tho!)
  6. Run 3 miles without stopping.
  7. Run a 15 min mile
  8. Run a 12 min mile.
  9. Run a 10K (the Bolder Boulder in May)
  10. Run a Half Marathon (the Rocky Mountain Half in August)
  11. Run a 2nd Half Marathon (the Nike Woman's Half) (these are starting to sound crazy again lol)
  12. Complete P90X3, Twice (back to back)
  13. Do T25
  14. Do Body Pump
  15. Win money at the Beachbody Challenge.
  16. Go hiking
  17. Run at a lower altitude (Austin Texas in January, here I come!) 
  18. Buy a Bike (or borrow my MIL's and go for some bike rides)
  19. Fit into the 14's I bought by January 25th
  20. Get into single digit sizing 
  21. Definitely buy a new swim suit. Mine is falling off me lol
  22. Make Diamond Level BB Coach (have 8 coaches under me, two with two of their own coaches)
  23. Save enough money for a down payment on a house.
  24. Get fitted for running shoes. 
  25. Reach 1000 followers on FB so I can meet and help more people!
  26. Run and win more Diet Bets with Ash!
  27. Fuck I still have to make 10 more.... (ok that one doesn't count...)
  28. Be on the news again! That would be fun! Not sure if they will want to do a follow up story, but a girl can wish.
  29. Perfect time management and spend more time with my husband without my phone in my hand...
  30. Ok I have to stop here. I am out of goals lol
So there is my list of 30 ish goals in 365. I will post it in my "Goals" Section and update it when I am not having ADD moments at work lol

What are your goals for 2014? Did you make ridiculously "pie in the sky" goals for 2013 lol Wanna help me come up with 8 more? lol 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Diet Bet After, and guess what! ANOTHER Diet Bet!

I'm Back!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! Santa was very good to me and I got a Polar FT4 that I am in LOVE with! I also got a gift card that I used to get some new running shoes! I used them yesterday and I LOVE them!

So over the holiday season, Ash from A Step in the Right Direction and I hosted a holiday Diet Bet! It ended on Christmas Day and I can't wait to share my results!

My the skin of my damn teeth, I made it. It was HARD! The holidays are hard. And holy shit am I glad they are over! I am so ready to start P90X3 today and that all that nonsense is over!

So to recap, here are my results from our Holiday Diet Bet!

I lost 10.1 lbs over the holidays, and I am very proud of that! Please excuse my oddly blue thighs haha. My jeans turn my legs blue for some reason haha. It comes off when I shower, but I was wearing jeans before these after pics!

Measurement change:

Starting/ Ending

Bust- 45.5 in/ 45 in (-.5)
Waist- 41.5 in/ 40.5 in (-1)
Hips- 49.5 in/ 47 in (-2.5!!!)
Thigh- 28 in/ 28 in (-0)
Arm- 15 in/ 15 in (-0 but I have a bicep muscle now!)

And because Ash and I are on a roll with these things, we are BACK with another Diet Bet! Woo!

If you want some extra accountability to your goals for the New Year, we can help! Join our Diet Bet for lots of accountability and the chance to profit off your weight loss!


So today marks the first day of P90X3! I am so excited to get started and really see a change! I started drinking Shakeology over the weekend and I really do love it. I have tried SO MANY different protein shakes, but this is so much more.

So stay tuned for that.

And stay tuned for an amazing giveaway I can't wait for on Wednesday. You won't want to miss it! It will kick your New Year off right!!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I am going to be taking the rest of the week off for the holiday, but don't forget to enter to win the You Again Yoga giveaway! 

I will be back on Monday with my first P90X3 workout under my belt! Wish me luck!! If you want to get in on the action, the price goes up from $180 to $205 for the challenge pack on January 1st, so shoot me an email if you want to get it for the lower price. There is still room in our challenge group for Santa shoppers!

I hope Santa brings you everything you ever wanted and that time with family is great!

Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Momentum You Again Yoga Giveaway!

I am very excited for today's giveaway.

I met Caren through my blogging ambassadorship for Live Well Colorado. We got chatting and I found out that she too was a blogger!

Happy Momentum is her blog where she writes about her and her adorable puppy's yoga practice, and how to change your life by changing your mind and refocusing through yoga. 

A few months ago, she did a beta run of her program You Again Yoga which was 30 days of guided 10 minute meditations to refocus your thoughts and positive energy. I was so honored to be a part of that beta group, and You Again Yoga brought me out of my funk. I had plateaued, as you know, and I was battling deep seeded feelings of being unworthy of success, and my binge eating was creeping back into my life. Each day in those 10 minutes, it was like Caren was in my head. She knew what I needed to hear to rebuild my self esteem and help me realize that I AM worth it. 

Everyone I know is in a place where You Again Yoga will change your life. I know that is a hefty statement, but here is why. Her meditations are all about finding YOU again. Whether you are a mom trying to find balance with a baby and a job and a husband, or a person losing weight that is struggling to make that choice to be different every day, or someone trying to overcome a mental block to accomplish any sort of goal, or if you wish your life was MORE than it is, THIS WILL SPEAK TO YOU. 

30 days. 10 minutes a day. You will find yourself again. 

SO, after I did this program, I was MORE than happy to write a testimonial for Caren because I completely believe in the power of her program, and her as a person. So when she surprised me with a code to give her program to someone as a gift, I couldn't think of anyone better to share it with than you. 

Here is the trailer for the program. And you can check out all the details here

So like I said, I am so excited to give this away to someone. And I was not paid or perked for this giveaway, aside from getting to do the program a few months ago. I had no idea she was going to share this with me so I am so excited to share it with you. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Holy crap it's almost Christmas!

Sure it might be a little late, but I thought it might be fun to post my healthy Christmas list!

1. An Affirmats Yoga Mat!- My bloggy friend Kelly from No Thanks To Cake instagrammed her yoga mat the other day and I fell in LOVE! I love the affirmations on them, and I definitely want one!

2. Rage Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells- I need a couple sets for P90X3 and I love the Rage Fitness brand! 

3. Some Nike Frees! I love the colors and I need some new running shoes for my half marathon training! 

4. A Lifefactory Glass Waterbottle- My plastic bottles are getting funky, and since I got the glass one from Live Well Colorado, I want another one for work! I love this one! 

5. P90X Pull up bar. I can't do pull ups right now, but I want a bar so I can work toward it. 

So there you have it! What's on your Christmas list?

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I need your help

My husband's work annual holiday party is coming up in January, and I have nothing to wear. It is cocktail attire. (mine was jeans and bowling...)

This happened last year, and I ran to Forever 21 and got a cheap but cute dress I love, but I wore it last year, and its too big now. Since I am shrinking, and I have NO use for a cocktail dress outside of this event, I am going to rent. My cousin Kristen rented a dress from Rent the Runway for her birthday last year and had great things to say about it, so that is my plan! But I can't pick a dress!

1st, there is the size issue. I am a 16 ish right now, but who knows what I will be in January. And 16 is straddling the line of straight and plus sizes. Because I am paranoid, I am just looking at plus dresses for now, but maybe I will get the courage to venture to the other side of the site before the event.

Anyhoo these are the ones I like, but I want to know what you think!

 I really like this Slate & Willow black sparkly dress. I like that it will hide my arms that I don't love, BUT it is hella short.
Like look at the back! 

I fell in love with this Badgley Mischka dress at first sight. It reminds me of 1920's glamour and I love the shape. PLUS It's Badgley freaking Mischka. 

But is it too fancy for "Cocktail" attire? 

So they make it short

Definitely a contender. 

Until I saw this one. I capital L LOVE the color. Also Badgley Mischka

But strapless and my big boobies :(

 So then I saw this one! Badgley Mischka Encore.
Another great color! AND look at the neckline! I love that its conservative (because of said boobies). 

And look at the back!! 
It also comes in Green!

What do you guys think? Any favorites? Any other Badgley Mischka Label whores out there haha. Should I venture into straight sizes (where there are more options?)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You wouldn't like me when I'm Hangry.

I eat all.the.time. Before I embarked on this epic quest (think LOTR type of thing. LOTS of walking) of losing weight, I wouldn't eat breakfast, eat a small lunch, and eat ALL.THE.THINGS for dinner. No wonder I wasn't losing weight! My metabolism SUCKED!

So one of the switches I have made is eating something about every two hours. Yes, that is a lot. But when I don't, I get irritable and easily upset, and, well, Hangry. I find myself apologizing all the time for things I have said out of hanger.

So to avoid feeling hangry and going Full Hulk on my husband, I try to eat every 2 hours. Now I don't eat a full meal every two hours, but I eat something.

For example:

6:30am- Protein Shake (for right now. Will be Shakeology when I get it)
8:30am- Coffee, Hard boiled eggs, a grain like toast and a fruit.
10:30am- Another fruit to keep me going. I like Grapes. I sometimes add cheese.
12:30pm- Lunch! This is my biggest meal of the day. I will have a big chicken salad, or lettuce wraps, or leftover dinner from the night before.
2:30pm- Veggies! Edamame, cucumbers, etc.
4:30pm- (on my way home from work) I will snack on fruits or veggies again. Something I can eat while driving.
6:30pm- Dinner! Usually small, with a Protein, Veggie and starch.

That's it! I know it seems like a lot but it keeps my motor going, and keeps me from getting hangry,

Now you should know this but just to be sure, I am NOT a dietitian or nutritionist or expert of any kind. This is when and roughly what I eat. In case you were curious. Or having hangry problems.

What about you?

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's your motivation??

I get asked a lot of questions. I get asked what I eat, how I exercise, how I got started, why I write about poop, and most frequently what my motivation is. Usually these questions come as desperate pleas to make something CLICK inside of the asker, helping them to be successful in their journey. My answer has always been the completely vague "I just am..." not really sure how to put it into words. Not feeling satisfied with that answer, I gave it some thought.

What's my motivation?

To answer that question, I need to tell you what it isnt. For a very long time (read: over 4 years) I thought my motivation was other things. First it was to fit into a wedding dress. Then it was to look good for our honeymoon, then it was for my 25th Birthday, then to get my body in shape to have a baby. My point is, these were all things with a deadline. These were all THINGS. They were fleeting and not REALLY that motivating. Sure I wanted to look amazing in my wedding dress, but not enough to change my life. Sure it would have been nice to be skinny on my honeymoon, but it didn't move me enough to make me wake up and work out.

Case in point. Here I am on my wedding day:

And here I am on my Honeymoon:

And here I am on my 25th Birthday:

The time passed. The milestones came and went. And I was STILL 285 lbs. I had "tried" to lose weight for ALL of these things, but look where that got me. Nowhere. And sad. And with a sense that I COULDN'T lose weight. 

Then one day something changed. I can remember the exact moment. I looked in the mirror at my naked, fat body and I started crying. Why was I doing this to myself? Why was I living like this? Why didn't I deserve to be fit and happy? And I realized I did. I did deserve it. But no one owed it to me. No one was going to do it for me. I knew the time would pass, it already had. I realized in that moment that I was worthy of success. I knew I had to work for it, and HARD, but I deserved it. 

So now I finally have an answer to your question. My motivation is ME. I am WORTH it. I am beautiful and I deserve to feel healthy and happy and wear a bikini and skinny jeans and run a marathon because I deserve it! It isnt easy. It isnt fast. But it is worth it because I am worth it. 

And so are you. 

That, is what I can give you. 

Look at your naked body in the mirror and ask yourself WHY. Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you living like this? Why don't you deserve to be fit and happy? 

You know what? You do. You are worth it.  

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Monday, December 16, 2013

This is TMI and if you dont want to know, walk away now.

I have an issue and I want to pick your brains.

But its TMI

So I am telling you to walk away now.

Dont say I didn't warn you.

Because I did.

Ok here it is.

I started eating super clean, and I am having a hard time pooping.

I used to be a really good pooper. Like the envy of my friends. 3 a day, no issues, it felt awesome.

NOW I can't poop to save my life. I will go 4-5 days without a healthy poop and it is killing me! My stomach hurts, I feel bloated, like its all building up in there. I have tried teas, Miralax, eating veggies that promote poop, drinking my weight in water (which I do already), adding lemon to my water, drinking prune juice, etc. NOTHING is doing the trick. I think because I have cut like 99% of the fat from my diet, that is part of the problem. The only thing that helps is taking a hard core laxative but it hurts my stomach SO FREAKING BAD and it always "works its magic" at 3 am and I hate it. I really do. But I am getting desperate.

Hence my asking you.

Because this shit (pun intended) is embarrassing.

and frustrating.

Please help me!

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