Operation Skinny Jeans: Wave Goodbye Bingo Wings!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wave Goodbye Bingo Wings!

First of all- HAPPY VETERANS DAY!  I am so blessed to know so many vets and I appreciate them 365 days a year, but today especially. So THANK YOU to any veterans that read my blog :D I wish I could thank you all personally. And buy you Coffee.


I have seen progress in lots of different parts of my body. One place that seems to have remained the same are my damn arms! I lift and I do push ups but they just wont budge! I have lost like 2 inches off them since I started, but they are just as flabby and gross as they were when I started.

Here is a gross picture as an example.

10 months ago (last January)

Awkward work bathroom selfie. Taken today. Like 3 minutes ago
Point is- ZERO progress. I still have flabby, gross looking arms.

So while I am training for my half marathon, I am going to beat the shit out of my arms. I want to walk around like a T-Rex because my arms are so sore. I want to have to ask for help getting things off the bottom shelf because my arms are dead. I NEED to see progress in my arms.
So I have scoured pinterest for arm workouts. These have some new moves that I haven't tried so I am gonna start here and see how it goes.


Know any other ones I should try? My goal is to wear an armless dress to my husband's work holiday party in the middle of January and not feel uncomfortable about my arms. Last year I wore a sweater over my beautiful dress because I was self conscious. I think I might call this endeavor Operation T-Rex Arms. You know how I like to overdramatize things by adding the word "Operation" to them :P

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  1. Jess my arms are my worst too! That first one looks good to me, lets do it !

  2. What about the Tank Top Arms on Pinterest? I was doing it for awhile then slacked off when I got sick. I am going to start it back up today but I was only doing one circuit. I think I need to do 3 circuits.

    1. I have not heard of this! Do share! ALSO why are you a no-reply blogger :( Now I have to hope you see this or someone else reading does.

  3. Oh hell yes! I am so adding these to my collection!!! I may even do the first one today! Whoop Whoop!

  4. I see ultra-fit women with flabby arms, so there is definitely value in not being too hard on yourself while aiming for body fat reduction.

  5. I see a difference! They may not be where you would like them, but the shape has changed and they look tighter. Good luck on your challenge! I never bare my arms, so I'm excited to see what works for you and give it a try!

  6. I see a difference too. I know it's hard to see yourself but there is. I hate my bat wings! I want to try that first one and I'm going to look up the tank top arms someone mentioned above.

  7. My arms are the worst too. I am DEFINITELY stealing these moves from you and incorporating them into my workout asap! Like, I'm going to do it tonight! ;)

  8. Arms are totally the hardest thing that and the thighs on me! I need to be working on my arms too - kettlebells will totally be your best friend do you have one or could you get hold of one?

  9. You have made gains everywhere, but you probably have to face an unpleasant reality: To lose the flab (wing) You may have to have surgery. Extra skin that your body created to accommodate the extra pounds does not disappear with weight loss. The beautiful thing about this is that when you reach that point and have surgery, you remove fat cells that are crying to be fed. You may find it easier to fight cravings. We had a friend who lost over 150 pounds, then he lost 20 pounds in surgery when they removed the 'apron' and excess leg and arm skin. DO talk to a doctor about your whole weight loss program and about the possibility of surgery down the road.

  10. I would recommend just doing a ton of cardio and alot of tricep, and extensions!

  11. I'm game for trying these out! My arms are an area I like to focus on too. Mamma Laughlin has an arm workout I used for a while. It worked pretty well.

  12. There is definitely a difference between the pictures. I've been following along with a Tracy Anderson video on YouTube (you can do a search on 'Tracy Anderson arms'). It uses your own arm weight and is really hard. It's supposed to help tighten everything up. I haven't been using it for long enough to know how well it works, though.

  13. I did the black and white one in the middle and loved it. Simple nod easy to work on form when I first started and I noticed and felt a difference over a few weeks. Be sure to increase your weight if you aren't sore I made that mistake for months. Worries is get bulky... Yeah no! :) it's simple and I was scared at my gym for a long time so it was perfect for me.

  14. Gah, I HATE my arms. I feel you sister. Can't wait to hear your review on which exercises work best!

  15. You should try p90x! It's tough, but awesome for toning all around.


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