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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RAGE CrossFit Equipment

A few months ago, I was contacted by a rep for Dick's Sporting Goods to participate in a CrossFit event for the launch of a new line of CrossFit equipment, RAGE. If you remember way back then, the timing didn't quite work out, so instead I went to a CrossFit class where I learned a little more about what CrossFit is all about.

While I was there, the instructor showed me all the different RAGE equipment, and how they use it in their gym (tho I think the accurate term is Box...) One of the pieces of equipment we used was the big Medicine balls. I have used medicine balls before, but the small ones that are kinda hard like a basket ball, or the kind that are squishy and full of sand like a giant stress ball. Never THIS kind of medicine ball.

Dick's Sporting Goods- Rage Fitness Supply
We did squat cleans with it (like this)

and I really liked it! So I was really excited when Rage Fitness (and Dick's Sporting Goods) sent me a Medicine ball of my own! I love it because it is so versatile, and I am not just saying that because they gave it to me. I use it to add weights to my squats, to squat clean, to add weight to my crunches, in place of hand weights for arm exercises, and sometimes my husband uses it as a foot rest. SO versatile.

Here are some pics of me using my new toy :D

RAGE has lots of different pieces of fitness equipment I am dying to have! And I dont even CrossFit! For example:
Dick's Sporting Goods- RAGE Fitness Supply

This is my new favorite thing in the whole world, the ab mat. OMG. If you know me, you know I have a lower back problem. A herniated disk. So doing crunches can really mess me up. I used the ab mat at the CrossFit class and I was able to do crunches with NO PAIN. omg I have got to get one of these. It will actually change your life. and I am not just saying that.

Dick's Sporting Goods- RAGE Fitness Supply
Jumping rope is such a good workout! And you can actually do it anywhere. Sure you could just get a kid's jump rope, but it isn't as aerodynamic and is probably not the right length. I seriously need one of these too because it is such good cardio.

Dick's Sporting Goods- RAGE Fitness Supply

I love working out with a kettle bell, but my apartment gym doesn't have any. I would totally buy one to use on my own.

So even tho they are technically "CrossFit" equipment, there are lots of things everyone could use in their daily workouts! So check out the rest of their line if you are looking for high quality products :D

*Yep, like I said above, I was given the medicine ball to write about, but I love you guys and I would never lie to you. I use my medicine ball all.the.time. And I am about to order that Ab Mat. Seriously. life changer. **

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  1. My personal trainer used that medicine ball with me last week!! She had me raise it over my head and SLAM it into the ground hard enough that it would bounce back up, which I have to say was a great workout because those babies are in no way meant to bounce!!!! It uses pretty much the whole body!! Also Kettle bells are great, I really like them for squats but I mainly like them since my idol/hero/someday gay husband Bob Harper uses them all the time so I know it must be legit!! hahahaha All that stuff looks cool though!

  2. I've never seen a medicine ball like that. It looks like it would give you one heck of a workout.

  3. My Personal Trainer uses their line... I think I'm going to invest in one for home as well...


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