Operation Skinny Jeans: I dont know about you, but I still feel like a 22

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I dont know about you, but I still feel like a 22

I went to Old Navy last weekend to try on clothes. I wasn't looking to buy anything, I just wanted to see if my size had changed. I knew my pants were a little big, so I was hoping they were big enough that I was a new size.

I rolled into Old Navy wearing my size 20 Old Navy jeans I was so proud to fit into. It had been YEARS since I could actually shop there, especially since they took out the plus size section years ago.
Size 20 ON Jeans, boots, and my favorite tank and cardi combo.
It was my day off, hence the comfy casual look. Side note- I have the shortest legs on the planet. Look at those things!
So I grabbed a few size 18's and tried them on. They fit! But they were a little lose. Like they fit enough that I would buy them if I wasn't losing weight, but since I am I dont want to buy anything that will be too big in a few weeks so I wouldnt buy them. They had me thinking tho. I strolled out of the dressing room and grabbed a pair of 16's. I was chuckling to myself on my way back to the dressing room, thinking "this will be fun! I will see how far I am from this size and then peel them back off my fat legs."
I stepped in, pulled up, sucked it in and bam. Buttoned and zipped.
I opened one eye at a time, and looked in the mirror. Holy hell they fit.
I immediately snapped this pic and posted it on my personal facebook page.
I couldn't believe it! So I took a selfie from the front.
I wanted to scream.
But I didn't.
I took them off, folded them nicely, kissed them, and gave them to the dressing room attendant.
Then I drove to another store I love, Maurices. Maurices has SUPER cute stuff, and has a HUGE straight size section, and a decent sized plus section. I have been in the plus section since high school. Their straight size jeans go to size 17, so with my new found confidence, I marched in, went to the jean wall, grabbed a 17, went back to the dressing rooms and freaked the fuck out.
Its weird how my nose looks really big in this picture.... but my thighs look tiny.
Fact: That sweater is a straight size XL like for normal people!
I stuck around there for a few minutes, and had the sales girl dress me up until I had a small anxiety attack. Being on the other side of the store freaked me out. I am intimidated and I feel like I dont belong. I don't understand why, it's stupid really, but shopping amongst the normal sized people made me feel so out of place. This is stupid, but there is a sense of community in the plus sized section. We are sisters. On the other side I felt like I was in the way, or like they thought I didnt belong. The sales girl (who was a size 2 and probably was paid to say this but whatever) said "you are not a plus size girl. You should be shopping over here." and kept pulling me XLs. And they kept fitting. and I kept freaking out and so I left because I am weird.
BUT my point is that I have worked so hard to get where I am today. But I still feel like that 285 lb version of myself. I still think I look like that. I think that might be the mental block that is holding me back.
Oh yeah! So on Sunday, I wanted to show off my new "fitting into 16's" trick to my husband so we went to Old Navy. I grabbed a pair of 16's, went into the dressing room, slid those bitches right on, buttoned without trouble and strutted out of the room. My husband's jaw hit the floor. He said I looked 20 lbs thinner wearing jeans that actually fit me. So I bought them.

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  1. YAY!!!!! that is sooo awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Aww that is so great! Isn't it weird switching the side of the store you shop on? It is such a great feeling though. I'm glad that you ended up buying the jeans because you really do deserve it!


  4. I love ON! As I'm trying to lose weight, they've been great because I don't feel bad buying new jeans. And it does feel and make you look good when you wear clothes that actually fit!

  5. Looking amazing mama! Its incredible how wearing the *right* size clothes make you look even thinner. Keep on rocking those 16s and xl shirts :))

  6. Amazing job! You look fantastic, and everyone is right, it's ridiculous what the right size does for you! Woot Woot!

  7. I am smiling just reading this! You sounds so happy and I am so happy for you. And those Maurice's jeans look absolutely fabulous! I like the ON ones too of course.

  8. Congratulations! You look so happy :)

  9. You are incredible. I know I sound like a broken record but I can't say that enough. You are such an inspiration and I couldn't be more proud of you! <3 You look so happy in those pictures and you should be! Keep it up!

  10. I smiled ear to ear while reading this post! I am so happy for you. It's still weird for me to go into a store and not go right to the back of the rack or the bottom of a pile because I know that's where the largest size, my used to be size, normally is. It's so hard to overcome the mental size of weight-loss. You're amazing and I'm so glad that you walked out of Old Navy with those jeans!

  11. So happy for you!!! You deserve to feel great about yourself and your hubby is right those jeans are AMAZING on you!! :)

  12. 1) Funniest blog title, ever! :P
    3) I know exactly what you mean about feeling strange shopping on "the other side of the store." It's a scary feeling, isn't it?
    Keep up the great work! Be proud!! ♥

  13. Woo!! That's awesome! I'm glad you ended up buying a pair. I was going to say the same thing about how wearing clothes that fit DOES actually make you look slimmer! Side note: I too have the shortest legs on the planet. Always have to buy short inseams or get pants hemmed.

  14. Good job! That's awesome that all your hard work is paying off. I don't comment often but try to read your blog when I can. I just could not pass this post up! =)

  15. Heck yeah! That's such a great feeling! Your hard work is paying off :-)

  16. This is so awesome girl! Feeling good in your clothes is SO important! More important than that number on the scale.

  17. Way to go!!!!! You look great in your new jeans...
    thanks for keeping us motivated =)

  18. Congratulations, Jess!!! That's so wonderful. Happy for you! :)

  19. Congrats!!!!!! All of your hard work is really paying off! I'm glad you ended up buying them! :)

  20. You look absolutely amazing!


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