Operation Skinny Jeans: I am Wonder Woman

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am Wonder Woman

This morning on the radio, the hosts were talking about a study that was done about what makes athletes different than normal people. Not just people that play sports, but hard core athletes, like marathon runners and people that set out to accomplish something only 1% of the population can accomplish. I will add people setting out to lose a large percentage of their weight to this, and you will  see why.

The difference between those people and "normal" people is focus (duh). People who set out to do the impossible are more focused on the long term satisfaction of accomplishing their goals, than the short term pleasure of daily life. This is why we are able to look past the chocolate cake, even tho it would give us immediate pleasure, it doesn't fit into our long term goals. The reason I lump people setting out to lose a large percentage of their weight into this is because it requires the same focus. Sure, you can look at every cupcake and pizza slice as a moment of instant gratification, but we know that it wont fill our long term goals, so we choose to look past it.

I still struggle with this.

I will go through stretches where I am a focused machine, ready to accomplish the world. Then I start to feel like maybe I am MISSING something by not eating the cupcakes or pizza, so I lose focus. I think that is called being a human. This is why I respond so well to goals. I can look at something and focus on it, and live accordingly.

Like running a half marathon in August.

Like running ANOTHER one in October.

Like cosplaying Wonder Woman at Denver Comic Con in May.


I have learned some things about myself, and one of them is that I am WAY stronger than I ever thought possible. I am Wonder Woman. And so I am literally going to become Wonder Woman.

Yes this one:

Wearing hot pants and all.
And I am stoked!
Even if my body wont look like hers (which is really more than likely), I am going to ROCK that costume because EVERY woman is Wonder Woman. We are all stronger and even more badass than we think we are.
Btw if you didn't know I was a nerd, hi. I sure am. Here is my cosplay from last year.

Nerd and proud my friends. If you recognize who we are, we can be friends :D

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  1. Girlfriend I'm such a nerd too. Haha.

    My boyfriend is definitely biggest one. Haha.

    I am so proud of you!! I am looking up 5ks for me to do. I think I'm going to do my first half in Sept or Oct.

  2. Loving the outfit choice hun - You go be wonder woman it's gonna be awesome. Can't wait to hear about that in May!

  3. I definitely disagree about your comparing people setting out to lose a large percentage of their weight to elite athletes. I might concede the point if you noted people who lost that weight, but people who are setting out are 'setting out' have promised themselves that focus but may or may not prove to have it. They are more like weekend warriors than elite athletes. Don't award that medal too soon. Intent is not an achievement.

    1. I actually completely agree with you. Anyone can set out to lose a lot of weight, but actually sticking with it and accomplishing it is what takes that focus, so that came out wrong on my end. Like I said, I struggle keeping that kind of focus and that is something I am working toward. I absolutely think that the only way to accomplish big goals is to have that focus.

      I am bummed you commented anonymously because I can't email you back :( BUT I hope you see this.

  4. I love love Games of Thrones!! One of my favorite shows! I totally need to catch up on it though. I totally understand the aspect of being focused and working towards your goals. That cupcake or piece of pie may not be worth it in the end, it may taste good, but will it really help? Perhaps not.


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