Operation Skinny Jeans: Holiday Diet Bet Before

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Diet Bet Before

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is the start day of Ash from A Step in the Right Direction and my Holiday Diet Bet! I am blown away that there are 110 people in on it, with a pot of $2200!! It is not too late to join if you want to stay on track this holiday season!

So just like last time, I took before pictures that I will compare to my afters. I wanted to take them wearing a tighter shirt so I can see my progress better. Without further ado-

And here are my measurements!

Bust- 45.5 in
Waist- 41.5 in
Hips- 49.5 in
Thigh- 28 in
Arm- 15 in

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  1. I'm excited and nervous about the diet bet, but mostly excited!! Happy Thanksgiving, and may the odds be ever in your favor :-P

  2. You have made such amazing progress throughout your journey. I was blown away by your wedding photos and journey photos you posted on facebook!
    I'm super excited to be joining you in this diet bet!

  3. You have a great blog!!
    I too am trying to lose some weight. I'm sure I'll get to learn a lot from you!!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Defining Me


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