Operation Skinny Jeans: The Great Candy Debate!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Great Candy Debate!

I started working on a blog this morning about binging and purging but then I got distracted by actual work, so I will finish that tonight for tomorrow.

Instead I want to talk about what everyone is talking about today- CANDY. At some point between last Halloween and this one, candy has become public enemy #1. I dont understand why everyone decided this year that eating pounds upon pounds of candy wasn't a super healthy choice, but I digress.

Should you eat the candy?

My answer is yes. If you can eat it in moderation.

Candy is a trigger food for me. Meaning I have a stronger tendency to binge on it than say, Carrots. So all in all I try to avoid it. BUT that is me. Just because you are eating clean or cleaner, doesnt mean you can't have a few pieces of candy.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection. It's about life. You want the candy, eat the candy. In 28 days if you want the stuffing, eat the stuffing. In 55 days, if you want the Christmas cookies, EAT THE COOKIES! Depriving yourself of these pleasures makes healthy living feel like a chore. It's not. So if you come face to face with the enemy  candy today, tell it "Candy! You do not have power over me. I will enjoy a reasonable amount of you and that's it! I WILL employ terminal deliciousness and STOP eating when you can't possibly taste any more delicious. Deal?"

So live your life! It's Halloween! A time to celebrate something, dress up and EAT CANDY.

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  1. You better believe I am having my fair share today ;) It's all a part of my new life style though! I realize I can have those things today and jump right back on the wagon tomorrow and be just fine! XOXO

  2. Could not agree more. Eating candy in moderation on one day is not going to ruin anything! I always agree with your perspectives!

  3. We make Halloween the one day we can eat Kit Kats and other beloved candies as much as we desire. Then I send it to my husband's work on Nov. 1. Works for us!


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