Operation Skinny Jeans: Funny Story

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Funny Story

So this is a funny story about that one time I fell off the face of the internet for a few days.

I, like a lot of you probably, blog at work. There, I said it. But the last two days I have been at a two day class/seminar for QuickBooks training so alas, no computer. That explains part of it.

The other part is I have been having these really crazy painful abdominal pains since Saturday. I went to the Urgent Care on Monday and he told me it was basically a tummy ache and to go on a liquid diet for 24 hours and see if that helps. WELL I did that and it got worse.

SO last night I went back to the urgent care, and they poked my stomach again and sent me to the hospital ER for testing. Awesome.

So I spent 5 hours last night in the emergency room being poked and scanned and tested with no result.

Still an inconclusive tummy ache.

Alas I am feeling a little crazy and have a pain that doesn't really feel normal, so I am not sure what to do now. They gave me the name of a gastroenterologist that I should get in contact with, so I guess that is the next step.

ANYWHOO, that's where I have been.

Weigh in Wednesday a day late, yesterday I weighed in at 241.8. That is the lowest I have been on this journey! I am so happy to be back on the right track! So down another 1.8! I can't believe I am just that much away from the 230's! I haven't been in the 230's for 7 years. So BRING EM ON!

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  1. No bueno! I have been battling stomach issues for almost 2 years so I totally empathize.. It sucks going to the dr and they tell you its gas.. or whatever. Go to the GI and make them give you answers!! And congrats on the weigh in

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Did they do an ultrasound? It could be gallstones.

  3. i had a really back stomachache and nausea a few days in a row, and i was convinced i was pregnant. overjoyed at the fact. and then my mom was all like, "that doesn't sound like pregnancy nausea, go check it out." so i went to the urgent care convinced i'd get a blood test and it'd show what my mother's intuition already knew and the dr said, "yeah, that's not pregnancy symptoms. go to the ER. it could be something with your pancreas." so i went to the ER sobbing and crying because i'm not pregnant and i'm dying of pancreatic cancer and after 5 hours and hundreds of tests later i wasn't pregnant or dying, i just had acid reflux.

    sooooo.....try some zantac and metamucil?? :)


  4. oh man, I hope you get your stomach troubles figured out. I can't stand going to the hospital!

  5. Huge congrats on the weigh in hun that's amazing 230's here you come :) woop woop!

    Hope that the specialist can find out what's wrong and hopefully come up with something helpful to remedy it and have you feeling better really soon.

  6. Hope everything works out for you - fingers crossed and sending you good vibes!

    Congrats on the loss and getting back on track!

  7. Oh No!!! Hope you are feeling better! And congrats on the weight loss! It always feels so good if you've been off track a little bit....


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