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Monday, October 28, 2013

Booty Camp Fitness

I get asked all the time "How do I get started lifting weights?" and besides "just start" I have never really had a great answer. I got started by meeting with a trainer. He taught me proper technique above anything else, and challenged me to try new things.  I learned the importance of working all sides of the muscle and that for every action, you have to do an equal but opposite action to really build muscle. But without a trainer, it is hard to learn these things.

Until now. Booty Camp Fitness is an online bootcamp that teaches you these things in the privacy of your own home. I was contacted by CEO Sammie Kennedy to give you guys an awesome opportunity.  Booty Camp Fitness is an online workout camp that is launching next week. And because you are my reader, you can get a super discount. If you sign up, use the code "SkinnyJeans"for $10 off.

And just so you can get a feel for the types of workouts you will be doing, Booty Camp Fitness provided us this!

Upper Body Week 1

Before beginning any of your resistance training routines be sure to warm up the body. This can consist of 5-10 minutes on a piece of cardio equipment or the recommended at home cardio warmup attached in your workout plan.

Each pair of exercises will be completed for three back to back sets. This pairing style is called super setting exercises and is indicated by S.S.

Complete exercise #1 for 8-12 reps and then immediately complete exercise #2 for 8-12 reps (unless otherwise indicated). Follow each pairing with a 30 second rest period before repeating for a 2nd and 3rd round. We are making an effort to keep the body moving this entire workout and maximize calorie burn so between weighted supersets we have added in a cardiovascular exercise that uses complimenting upper body muscle groups.

Please remember to stretch after your workout, this will help with recovery and to maintain flexibility throughout the program. We’ve made some recommendations for appropriate stretches to complete after your upper body routine.

If you are feeling motivated and not ready to leave the gym you may add in one of our recommended cardio workouts TWICE weekly AFTER your weight training routine as well. 


Bent knee rows (pull up pants)
Pushups (try to do at least 2 each set from the toes)

1 min jumping jacks

Seated shoulder press
Reverse snow angels (20 reps)

1 min mountain climbers

Chest Press
Lateral Raises

1 min burpees

Supine bicep curls
Tricep dips (10-15 reps)

1 min plank suicides or normal plank


Downward dog
Childs pose
Bent over chest stretch
Triceps stretch
Full body standing circles

*I was not compensated for this post. I think that weight lifting is a valuable addition to EVERY workout routine. I believe that Booty Camp Fitness is a great way to learn how to do it right. 

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  1. Me thinks one could learn proper technique and opposing moves before Booty Camp Fitness. I have and frequently use THE LIBRARY. No discount needed.

    1. Very true. I have shared LOADS of free workout resources. But just like people paying for a gym membership, or buying P90X, some people are looking for an individualized experience. Just sharing what I find. :)


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