Operation Skinny Jeans: Yoga and CrossFit

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yoga and CrossFit

As you know I love yoga. And as you probably gathered last month, I love LiveWell Colorado. This month, LiveWell Colorado is doing LiveWell @ Work, a whole month dedicated to making your workplace a healthier place to be. As a part of that, they are holding Workout Wednesdays downtown. On Wednesday (yes, tomorrow) they are shutting down Glenarm between 15th and 16th for Yoga in the Streets and I am going to be there! I was invited to participate and I am super excited!

I will be instagraming and live tweeting from the event, so feel free to follow along and if you are local or work downtown, feel free to come on down! It's a free event from 11:30am-1pm full of fun and fitness. :D

So CrossFit. I see it everywhere. There are literally little CrossFit places in every grocery store shopping center. I see them everywhere but I am not really sure what it is. One thing I do know is that it is scary as hell and I am no where near fit enough to do it.

Until now.

I was approached by Dick's Sporting Goods and invited to a local CrossFit demonstration event promoting a new line of at home CrossFit equipment, Rage Fitness. I told her that I have never done CrossFit and that it actually kinda scares the crap out of me, and she said that makes me even more perfect for this because the whole point of the event is to show people that normal people can do it, and that it isn't scary.

To be honest, I am a little scared. She did send me a run down of basic CrossFit moves, and none of them (except maybe a box jump) are outside of my physical capabilities (thank god) so I gladly accepted. At this event I will be a part of an hour long workout/ demonstration with a CrossFit trainer, then I will have a 1 on 1 with a trainer to come up with a workout for you guys, (and hopefully film a little video demonstration with them) and there might even be a giveaway involved (I am still working out the kinks). BUT I wanted to share this exciting news with you guys!

So if you are local and you want to come meet me, (and get an awesome CrossFit workout in, come down to the Dick's Sporting Goods in Broomfield (at the FlatIrons Mall) between 10am-12pm on Saturday the 28th and I will be there!

Lots of exciting workout stuff this week! Ever done CrossFit? Ever done Yoga in the middle of a street in downtown? tell me about it! Make sure to check back tomorrow for my highly anticipated return to Weigh in Wednesdays AND  big announcement that Ash from A Step in the Right Direction and I have for you!

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  1. Aww, man! I wish I lived in CO so I could come do all these fun things with you! CrossFit really isn't that scary once you know what to do. In my experience it was mostly bodyweight type exercises, sometimes with modifications to make them more difficult. Although you will totally feel like a bad ass doing it. :P

  2. Hahaha! This kind of made me laugh b/c I am totally intimidated by crossfit too! My brother and a lot of my family do it (seem slightly obsessed in my opinion). ;) My husband wants to try so I was telling a friend I was considering signing him up....she said I would probably end up doing it as well. I laughed...but I hear that all the time so I wonder what the pull is? It just looks terrifying to me, lol! Curious to hear how you feel after you try it!!!

  3. I'm guna have to check out this crossfit business!

  4. WOW! Yoga and crossfit? I cant seem to find any relevance between an super mellow yoga to a super intense crossfit regimens. I havent tried crossfit before and after reading this, I am kind of interested in a way. Thanks! All I need now is a gym buddy. Anyone??? :)



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