Operation Skinny Jeans: Some September Goals

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some September Goals

It's been a few months since I have made monthly goals, but I am ready to get back on track with that. With only 4 months left to go, I want to make the most of time we have left in 2013. So I am making a few goals this month.

1. Drink only water. I drink mostly water now, but I have started drinking more soda with meals out and such. Because my body isn't used to it, I know it has caused some stall in my weight loss progress, so I am ready to make a stand. This month, I am going to only drink water. No soda, no coffee, no energy drinks, nothing but water.

2. Rediscover my inner yogi. In my lifelong search for happiness and inner peace, I have somehow lost touch with yoga. I am going to make it a goal to meditate daily and practice yoga at least 5 times a week. I am working on creating a peaceful space on my patio so that I can practice at sunrise. :D

3. Eat breakfast before work. My new job doesn't have a microwave or toaster so I am going to have to find more breakfast options I can eat on the road, or before I leave.

4. Start training for my first mud run! I am doing the Lozi Lu Mud Run on October 12th so I need to start training! It is a 5K obstacle coarse so cross training is definitely in order. If you are local and want to do it with me, I am partnering with the run so I have a coupon code for $5 off registration! Email me and we will put something together!

That's it :D I think 4 goals will be good for now. Lets kick September in the ass and make a real change!!

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  1. Love these! I am definitely trying to focus on water in Sept too. It's so hard for me!

  2. Great work, I am trying to drink more water I know I am not getting my daily allowance at work I tend to drink more but at weekends when I am out and about I tend to forget to take a bottle with me and then end up dehydrated and suffering with headaches by the end of the day.

    Good luck with your goals look forward to hearing about your progress.


  3. I am doing water only too. Well besides spark from advocare.

    I am doing a mud run obatacle course in Nov. too with my personal trainer and other people that work out with him too. What did I sign up for!!? Haha

  4. Oh man, I miss yoga, too! It's just such a great break in the day. Post pictures when you have that patio space carved out, plz! :)

  5. Great idea :) The mud run sounds awesome! Best of luck with your training.

  6. I need to work on drinking more water too! I just don't drink anything during the day, terrible I know! For breakfast you can find lots of inspiration on homemade granola or oatmeal cups that are easy to make ahead and grab when you are running out the door!

  7. PS: How is 30 Day Shred going? I started it but doing a schedule of it that I do 2 days and then take a day off since I am doing a couple other workout DVD programs as well! Im on Day 3 and that 30 min still kicks my booty! lol


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