Operation Skinny Jeans: I am not dead!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am not dead!

Sorry guys! I have fallen off the internet for the last couple days! My husband severely sprained his ankle so I have been helping him around and I haven't had time (SORRY!!) But I am back!

I officially sighed up to do the Lozi Lu race, and I am beyond excited!

 It's on October 12th and if you wanna join our team, we would love to have you! I have a discount code for $5 so let me know and I will hook you up :D

I am starting to train for that by running every day and getting back to lifting regularly. If you have any ideas of how else I can train, that would be awesome. Or some tips/ words of advise. not gonna lie, I am pretty nervous!

My friend Ash at A Step in the Right Direction has 4 races coming up! She is awesome and insane and I am super jealous lol. I want to race a lot more often, but money and fear are stopping me! I need to just get over it. Or do my own races lol. There is a 5K loop around where I live. That might have to be a thing.

Anyhoo, a few updates on my end, anything new with you?


  1. I'm doing a mud run too. I'm super duper nervous. It is a co Ed one too. One of my goals is to run a 5k. I also
    Want to run a lap around the building where I workout. He sometimes makes us do that. I would love to not sit out sometimes when I feel sick when we do sprints.

  2. Just did my first mud run this past weekend ... my words of advice are:
    1.Invest in the compression shorts or capris (ordered mine thru Old Navy - helps keep the mud out of your "unmentionable" areas) if you go with shorts over them, go with a dri fit material (got mine at Wal-Mart)... something that doesnt hold water (cotton and baggy = bad idea).
    2. Dont forget your towel in the car... for clean up
    3. Dont forget plastic bags at home to put muddy clothes in when your done!
    4. HAVE FUN! Mine was a blast and cant wait to do it agian!

  3. I'm debating signing up for a mud run here in Houston on the same weekend. It is a Dirty Girl run - 5k. I haven't been running much so not sure if I can get to that 5k mark in those few amount of weeks. I'm currently on Week 4 of C25K. I think I could run it slower than my current "training" pace. I typically run on the treadmill because it is so stinking hot here in H-town. When I ran my first and only 5k, I did C25K and ran slowly (4.8 mph). I am repeating C25K at 6 mph with the goal of 3 - 10 minutes miles in my sights.

  4. A mud run is on my bucket list!
    Hope your husband's ankle heals quickly. That's the worst!

  5. Aw you are the sweetest :) I signed up for 3 of the races because they are local and around here you don't find that very often. By local I mean within 10 minutes of my hometown.
    I found that when I started using the Map my Fitness app I did great on my own little route at home. I kept trying to beat the time. The cost of the races stink, but I chose not to buy clothes for a while to help pay for the races - they are around $15-$20 here so it is not too bad.
    You are a huge inspiration, keep it up! Hope your hubby feels better!

  6. I just did a mud run this weekend, ours was 10K, and just know going in that you're probably not going to run all 10 or 5Ks we ran about half the time, the other half we were too heavy with mud and didn't want to get hurt. Training for races I would definitely incorporate spinning if you can, less impact high cardio, it makes you faster! Good luck!


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