Operation Skinny Jeans: Weekly Goals Link Party-End of an era

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Party-End of an era

Only two more days to enter my Bestowed Box giveaway! 


Good morning,

I have a confession.

I am really over this link up. I love all you ladies that link up, and even if I don't comment, I am reading your posts and I am super inspired by all of you.

But I have not been making goals lately, which I am sure you have noticed.

And I feel really tied down by this link up. That being said, in general things will be changing around here. For the better, I promise.

So my point is, this is the last Weekly Goals Link Up that I will be hosting. BUT since so many of you link up, I am passing on the torch. I have had an awesome blogger express interest and I can't wait for her to take over. :D

So here it is, the last link up.

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  1. Totally understandable, Jess! I confess I was getting a little tied down by the link up as well. I had my third goal as trying to get more of the things I want to write about to the blog. Last night would have been the perfect time, but I felt like I had to do my goals... So silly to let something control you like that! No worries about passing it on! Do what's right for you and don't make this blog so much a chore that you can't enjoy writing about your progress and inspiring and pulling inspiration from others!


  2. If it's not helping you, why do it? Thanks for hosting it all these months, though. It's been a fun one! :)

  3. Thanks for hosting, but if it's time to move on, it's time! Nothing wrong with that.

  4. I am sad you won't be hosting any more but super excited it will still be continuing. Don't lose sight of your ultimate goals Jess! I know you have been really overwhelmed lately. Hang in there and stay strong.


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